Imani Studio To Launch Second Store in London

Chanel Paris-Bombay Collection


After the recent infusion of East Asian fashion on the catwalks, with the likes of kimonos and obi belts, it was becoming predictable that influences from South Asia would soon be on the horizon.  It has now been about eight years since the last time we saw traditional Indian/Pakistani fashion being integrated within western garments so it’s no surprise that a reinvention of this trend should be around the corner.  Whilst there are stores such as Accessorize and Monsoon that generally cater to this niche, the rest of the fashion world clearly moves from one trend to another.


There is nothing more extravagant than a South Asian wedding, full of bold colours, lots of bling and the sort of glitz and glamour that you see only on red carpets.  Attend a Pakistani/Indian wedding and you will feel like a celebrity for the day.  For those of us who like to glam it up it provides the perfect excuse for extravagant dressing.


During 2012 you will begin to see this part of Asia influencing the high streets with its luxurious embroidery, prints and fabrics.  You may have already seen Chanel’s Paris-Bombay collection.  Karl Lagerfeld has managed to capture the traditional fashion perfectly.


Imani Studio, unique Pakistani designer boutique based in Manchester is due to launch a second store in London at the start of 2012.  Perfect timing for the Asian influence that will sweep through the fashion scene.  Their pieces are of the highest quality and equally as fashionable as Lagerfeld’s Paris-Bombay collection.  They provide off the rail and haute couture from the very best designers from parts of Asia including the likes of Hassan Shehryar Yasin (HSY) and Nickie Nina.


After noting how many people would travel the width and breadth of the country to come to their store they decided it was time to open a second branch.  In particular, a lot of Londoners travel to Imani Studio in Manchester for their glamorous needs.  With the launch of their new boutique and the addition of even more designers, Imani Studio is set to become even more accessible and grow their already massive brand.


For a personalised service be sure to contact them before hand or simply pop into one of their boutiques in the new year.


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