Is It The Year Of The Fringe?

Victoria Beckham post baby Harper birthWhen it comes to my hairstyle, I tend to play it safe. I made the mistake some years ago of being bold and brassy and decided to get my lovely locks cut off in an attempt to look trendy and sassy.


Well it worked for my friend at the time. She looked really cool with her short hair. Not me though! I was told I resembled a person who batted for the other side (that’s the polite way of phrasing it).


So, that was the last time I thought about having a quirk to my hairstyle.


Until today! I despise that on occasion I am influenced by the media, but the photographs that have emerged of Victoria Beckham posing for the March edition of Numero magazine have got me thinking about having a fringe cut.


A group of friends commented on the photograph on Facebook, mostly their comments are about her weight etc. My thoughts were instantly that this is now the right time for me to get a fringe cut!


If Posh is wearing a fringe with her long tresses of brown locks, then so shall I?


I have had a fringe in the past, and they are really time consuming to maintain – given that I have naturally curly hair too. I bet Posh won’t have to wet it, then get the GHDs out and try not to burn her forehead at the same time. She probably has someone whose job it is to look after her fringe.


After, a few hours I decided that I will regret it if I do it. It’s easy at the moment to just scrape all my hair away from my face, which I do as soon as I get home from work.


Until I then opened up a magazine on my colleague’s desk. The lovely Amy Childs is also now sporting a fringe.


Wow, so the fringe looks like it is definitely making a comeback in 2012.


I could be the first of my circle of friends to take the plunge.


The pressure is really on now – do I or don’t I?


Finally, not forgetting the photograph of Posh. She looks great to be able to pull that look off after only recently giving birth to her baby daughter.


I may not be able to have that body – but I may try and get the haircut!


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