January Sales Shopping Tips

Just when you thought you had recovered from the madness of Christmas, it’s time to brace yourselves for the January sales. Every year we push our way through the crowds, and trawl endless rails of unorganised garments, only to come home with inevitably, things we don’t need! So here are some handy tips to get you shopping savvy before you spend those hard earned pennies.

1)      Make a list. Before you leave the house go through your wardrobe and take note of the items that you really need. Also make a mental note of what you already have, so you can find items to compliment them. Be strict with yourself, this list is to be stuck to!

2)      Dress for comfort. This is not the time to put on heels and strut up your high-street. Wear flat shoes and comfortable clothes as you are going to be on your feet all day.

3)      Try before you buy. All too great is the temptation to buy something just because ‘it’s cheap’. Try it on, does it look good enough to buy it if it was full price?! If all else fails and the changing rooms resemble something of Beirut, ask the cashier about the stores returns and refunds policy.

4)      Keep it classic. You might be tempted to buy something because of its rock bottom price, but is it a last season flash-in-the-pan trend that you’ll only get a couple of weeks wear out of? Try purchasing fashion investments such as a timeless LBD, or the perfect pair of jeans. Take on the ‘capsule wardrobe’ mentality.

5)      Avoid shopping during lunch hour. This is retail rush hour so take the opportunity to sit down for lunch with your girls, take the weight off your feet and drink lots of water. You have a few more hours of shopping left so take this time to revitalise yourself!

6)      Don’t forget accessories. Perhaps you don’t need a lot of new clothes, so head to the accessories rack and pick out a few statement pieces that will breathe life into your existing wardrobe.

For some of you the thought of heading back out to the shops may be unbearable, and for this I remedy the online sales. If on Christmas day you find yourself sat down on the settee, (one too many mince pies in your gut, next to your inebriated uncle watching Vicar of Dibley re-runs), just slide across to your computer to get your bargains. Many of the online sales start on Christmas day and they are a fabulous stress-free alternative to the high street. One of the fantastic advantages of shopping this way is the use of the ‘shopping basket’. It is much easier to scrutinize your purchases laid before you, and delete the ones you don’t really need. Of course, once your mission is accomplished you can reward yourself by kicking back with another glass of bubbly, bliss!!