Jerome Dreyfuss’ Handbags

Lucien - Jerome Dreyfuss Jerome Dreyfuss’s bag collection is famed for its boldness, quirky elegance and humour. He creates his collections of clothes and accessories from leather and reptile skin, where he pays close attention to detail. He was a mere twenty-three years old when in 1998 he unveiled his first collection of ‘couture a porter’- couture to wear. He is known by the media as, ‘The Enfant terrible of French Fashion’, and female celebrities have already graced their arms with his bags. Diane Kruger has been spotted with Momo and Tom, Jade Jagger with Enzo, Jessica Biel without Justin and instead with Bruno and French Actress Audrey Tautou with Franck and Billy.


Dreyfuss has named each bag from his collection after a man, which is quite ironic considering the bags are all for women. His imagination with colours and textures run wild over the bags, where he uses the effects of leopard print as well as dashes of reptile skin and fringing. The colours are vivid and bright in greens, pinks and oranges yet also calm in white, black and neutrals.


His casual bag collection shows the use of adjustable straps, different compartments and sizes that are minimal. Albert, Aldo, Bandit, Billy, Bob, Franky, Igor, Max, Nick, Twee and Twee Mini are different styles in the pouch collection.


The evening bags include Lucien, which is so versatile that it could also be used for the daytime, Momo, which is the ultimate disco bag and Oscar, a small bag that can be transferred as a clutch. The evening bags can be used as purses inside larger bags or simply kept for nights out! The fact that the same style comes in a range of colours and textures makes it more unique and personal.


Willi - Jerome DreyfusHis purse collection of Paul, Polo and Willi again show how versatile this designer is. Although the purses are the same he makes a conscious effort to provide the client with a choice of colours and fabrics, making sure that you and a friend do not have the same style of bag or purse!


Although more expensive than high-street prices, Dreyfuss’s bag collection is on the same levels of high fashion. His selection of vegetably tanned leather and reptile skin reminds me somewhat of Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana. His website is also amazing so feel free to have a peep!


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