Kate Middleton: What To Wear?

Just a few days have passed since the world’s loveliest couple Will’s and Kate announced the fantastic news that they’re expecting a baby but fashion gurus are already queuing up to give the Duchess advice on the unfamiliar territory of maternity clothing.

Kate has become a style icon worldwide; she is known for her classic, elegant tailored pieces, which rely on her perfect slim figure. So in terms of Kate’s wardrobe, could this be the biggest challenge yet? In the eye of the media 24/7 and with a role to fill as a Duchess attending various events, Kate doesn’t have the option to slump into a comfy tee or hoodie.

The most popular advice on maternity clothing popping up already is to not do it like Diana and Fergie did. In the early eighties Diana famously donned old-fashioned ruffled, frilly garments with sailor collars and long sleeves which completed hid her figure. But loose fitting outfits will only swallow Kate up and make her look frumpy and unfashionable. The general advice seems to be to keep her sleek, fitted style and not loose who she is. Kate should embrace her bump and not step to far away from her lady-like polished, tailored dresses. She may need to stay clear of the tight waist-belts and opt for more stretchy comfortable fabrics instead of the usual wool suiting.

We’re all familiar with the Duchess’ favourite catwalk and high street designers; Alexander McQueen, Alice Temperly, Issa and Reiss to name a few, but none of which have maternity lines. However I’m certain these designers will be fighting for the rare opportunity to design custom creations for the pregnant future Queen of Britain. Maternity clothing has greatly changed over the years; bumps are no longer hid under layers of oversized fabric they are flaunted in slim fitting stretchy fabrics. Kate may well opt to try out some of London’s top maternity clothing stores in such as Pretty Pregnant and Blossom Mother & Child.

Whatever Kate decides to wear I am 100% certain she will dress appropriately, perfectly and be a stylish mum-to-be. But do prepare yourself for what is likely to be the highest profile maternity fashion show ever seen!