Layering 101

catwalk layering

catwalk layering

Some of the best things in life have layers. Cake, a good hair cut, ogres…Usually a technique reserved for winter, layering is an essential skill to master when you’re faced with bipolar weather conditions (all year round in England). Shrek may be so 2009, but layering is always current. The trick is to team lighter basic pieces. A Breton tee with a denim gilet over the top and a parka, or a simple tee with a cotton Henley thrown over the top, will see you through even the most inconsistent of weather conditions.


If you’re working with a bold print, tone it down by layering up. Use some of the colours found in the print, and mix and match with some classic basic pieces. This is also a great way of bringing some spring/summer wear out of hibernation and brings you gently into the new season.


Instead of the usual chunky knit jumpers, try layering more luxe fabrics like silk. Try a short sleeved over a longer sleeved for extra warmth and shape. Mis-matched prints also look really good here and blending different textures adds that extra touch of interest to an outfit. Take note of the fabric options in your wardrobe, and get creative – try brocade with soft knitwear, or cable knit with leather.

Polo shirts

Treated like your average button down, a polo shirt underneath chunky knits, printed fairisle jumpers or angora mixes, provides a nice contrast and adds that extra warmth. Or, if the idea of polo shirt is too preppy for you, a collarless shirt with a beaded or printed detattachable collar underneath your favourite winter knits would work just as effectively.

Double trouble

Throw on a lighter denim or leather jacket underneath your top coat. The peak of contrasting fabric underneath your heavy woollen winter coat will add an element of surprise, an unexpected proportion and an interesting blend of textures.


It’s easy to get stuck in a colour rut in winter, especially as the latter months begin to drag. But who says the winter has to be laden with neutrals and dull colours? As the nights begin to draw out, dig into your spring wardrobe and give yourself a colour boost. Even a bright scarf will work at enhancing your mood and getting you prepped and primed for the upcoming season.