Leather Is Back!

Seasons come and go, people evolve, but if there’s one thing in life that’s here to stay, that’s fashion trends.


One of my favourite trends of the moment has to be leather… and lots of it! Leather has long been a wardrobe staple for the punk and goth subculture, as well as being prominent for more practical uses such as motorbike wear.


But from a fashion stand point, leather is such a versatile fabric and can be dressed up or down. Most recently for AW12-13, designers prove that you don’t have to be a biker to wear this luxurious trend. If you want minimal, take a look at Calvin Klein’s midi skirt in black leather which has just a hint of metallic on the waist band – no jewellery required here, Klein encourages leather’s bold character to take centre stage.


Or if you prefer to be a dominatrix this season, be inspired by Givenchy’s glossy over coat with short, tapered sleeves and blood-red lining. Worn with a silhouette- enhancing waist belt, upper-length gauntlets and knee high boots for the ultimate in equestrian power dressing.


But how to create leather from high street style? If you’re out on the town, channel your inner rock-chick and max out on full-clad leather ala Motley Crue, for an edgy glam-rock look that nods to the 80’s. Go for real grown-up glamour and work leather pieces into your office wear for a chic appeal. Or if you’re wanting urban street style, choose a slouchy bomber jacket teamed with leather effect leggings and your favourite high-tops. If you’re not quite ready to be cat woman yet, then there’s always accessories… layer up on leather cuffs, watches, studs and spikes for texture or try simply adding an accent of leather into the mix such as a statement collar… this season’s hottest alternative to the necklace.


However you choose to wear this ultra sexy, high voltage trend, be sure that you’re oozing confidence and remember to turn the volume up to 11!


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