Less is More

Ursula Andress in James BondAs the Spice Girls once said, this season sees two become one.


I am referring, of course, to summer 2011’s preference for a bathing suit as opposed to its skimpier, two piece counterparts. This suggests that my mother may have actually had a point when she told me that leaving something to the imagination is often far more appealing.


With this particular fashion bombshell comes the audible sigh of relief from women everywhere. Gone are the days of the dreaded three triangles that do very little to convey femininity and elegance. Ciao! to pouring yourself into a bikini for fear of blinding the nation. Au revoir! to an unexpected nipple cameo and kicking off your holiday by being arrested and two fingers to the days of wishing that you looked like an emaciated, pre-pubescent, well, boy to get away with one of those two piece string affairs on the beach.


Yes indeed, the time has come, to celebrate the return of The Swimming Costume.


I for one didn’t see it coming, but like the rest of your summer 2011 attire, including maxi skirts and midi-dresses et al, the return of the bathing suit just goes to show that understated sexiness this season is key, and that showing less, sometimes conveys far more! I think that this may also have something to do with today’s appetite for classy vintage style swimsuits – encapsulated by those worn by Keira Knightly in Atonement for instance, a film based on Ian McEwan’s novel set in the 1930’s – and with a little help from the now iconic red swimsuit worn by our friends at Special K.


Resort Underwired Swimsuit - £25.00, VeryTo save you the trouble, I’ve shopped around in some online resources that are only a click away to depict the very best of what the high street has to offer.


First of all, I found this blue spotted tie-halter neck little treasure from, which is underwired for extra helpful support. This ought to ensure that you don’t end up with two black eyes from a particularly energetic game of volleyball if you’re into that sort of holiday, which I am not. In the same selection, I also came across a pretty jewelled number for the same affordable price of £25.


From Marisota, I found this silhouette classic swimsuit in navy blue, a creation with a flattering contrast under band to draw the eye into the narrowest part of the body, the waist, with the help of a handy in-built tummy control. This is currently being advertised at £30-£34 and looks to be worth every penny. If you’d like to try a bandeau swimsuit in a tropical bold print option which I also loved from this range then also check out Marisota.


White Crochet Bikini Top - £14.99, River IslandThere’s also the opportunity to take advantage of the amazing sales at Debenhams ‘Holiday Shop’ at the moment. I particularly liked this simple but pretty purple draped crossover swimsuit with – you guessed it – our friend tummy control to create a great profile for those long strolls on the beach, currently at a reduced price of £30.40.


However, I’m never going to be the person who totally turns their back on a bikini, so to recreate that unforgettable look sported by Ursula Andress emerging from the sea in that James Bond moment, there’s always this stunning white crochet creation from River Island that I have loved but don’t delay as they’re selling like hot cakes!


So, LoveScene readers, happy shopping and most importantly, happy holidays!