Little Trinkets

Moustache ring and scrabble earringsWhen I visit my other half in Sheffield, I make it my mission to find some clothing or jewellery that I haven’t seen in Manchester. And here they are: a moustache ring and scrabble earrings of my initials.


These little finds are quirky, cute and fun. Boutiques such as Magic Vintage and Don’t Feed The Bears in The Forum, Division St., Sheffield, are independently ran, and if anyone’s an avid Affleck’s Palace goer, Don’t Feed The Bears used to be on the 1st floor. Sadly they’ve returned to their hometown Sheffield, but luckily for me, still run an online shop.


I found myself smirking with amusement at the little one-offs they had in store. From John Lennon-esque sunglasses to below-the-knee, polka dot swing dresses, these hidden boutiques are fair-priced and aren’t suffocating like the high street shops in the centre. When I look through Accessorize or Urban Outfitters for jewellery, all I find are over-embellished costume designs for a ridiculous price. £24.00 for a three-tiered necklace made from cheap  metal is not my idea of a bargain. However, £6.00 for scrabble mix-and-match earrings and £5.00 for a moustache ring seems fair to me!


You may think the amount they charge for these DIY items is too much, but they have to make a profit and living some how, and I’m willing to support local boutiques.

Lego stud earrings -
Don’t Feed The Bears has a wide range of hand painted, bear related tees and sweat jumpers, bow-adorned clutches, winter warmers and a collection of moustache and sailor jewellery. To go on a tangent, I have such an obsession with moustaches for some benign reason. Such an obsession led me to find 5 clip on moustaches in my old bedroom when I returned for the summer?! Bizarre.  Anyway, I believe my next purchase will be a large bow headband or slide-in hair piece, just to spice up my mundane going-out uniform.


Vintage scissor brooch - Vintage revitalises old garments by fixing them up, giving them a good clean and polish, and putting them back up for sale. My favourite pieces have to be the tan box bags and chunky knitwear with flower embroidery around the chest. Alas, I think I made the right decision of keeping my debit card in my purse and buying something that only cost a few pennies. The scrabble earrings may seem childish or, perhaps, odd but there should be an element of fun in shopping. I find myself veering away from the intense forward fashion of Topshop and boogieing towards the childish fun of Christmas cracker accessories and tutu-lined rockabilly dresses.