Louboutin Luxury

Elegance, glamour and status… words which can only be used to describe a true style symbol of modern-day fashion.


The shoes of Christian Louboutin are simply iconic, and are individual works of art. Instantly recognizable to the eyes of any fashion-conscious woman, Louboutin’s designs really are one of a kind. He is widely known for his ability to make women feel in touch with their femininity and to encourage us to feel confident about the footwear we choose. After all, shoes are a fashion statement which should be celebrated no matter how uncomfortable they are! Who said fashion was about comfort? Certainly not classy footwear designers like Mr. Louboutin.


I mean, what is it about shoes which make us ladies palpitate within seconds of walking past a retail window display? Like the icing on a cupcake, a fabulous stiletto heel can decorate and excite the mind of the consumer. In Louboutin’s case, could it be the hint of a pillarbox-red sole? Now so popular that there has even been a manicure dedicated to the signature black and red option, or perhaps the elevated stiletto heel? And with such a diverse range of designs to choose from, even to be able to afford just one pair of Louboutin shoes is every girl’s dream.


According to this French designer, “The shiny red colour of the soles has no function other than to identify to the public that they are mine. I selected the colour because it is engaging, flirtatious, memorable and the colour of passion.” It is clear from this quote alone that he is proud to make such unique and beautiful creations, and we are proud to wear them!


I myself have not yet been fortunate enough to be able to own my first pair, but when I do win the lottery, my first purchase would definitely have to be the classic black-patent courts. These are the original choice for Louboutin shoes, the genuine article. I love that courts are versatile too – they can be worn for the office by day as well as on a girly night out. Whichever occasion you choose to wear your Louboutins to, as long as you have your secret weapons then you’re good to go. Every girl has them: fluttering eyelashes, voluminous hair, a good Wonderbra and of course, those killer heels, all of which are staples to add that extra touch of sex appeal.


Having only recently been launched, look out for the brand new e-tail shop from Christian Louboutin, which has promised to be spectacular. Any shoe addict with internet access can now have the luxury of browsing through 20 selections of quality shoes, as well as 6 bags to choose from. So it’s up to you if you would prefer to step out in style to shop, or stay sitting pretty in the comfort of your own home and shop online.


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