Make-Up Minimalism for Autumn/Winter 2010/11

Autumn/Winter 2010 has brought minimalism to the forefront of fashion, not only in attire but also in make-up.  For many designers, the look is one of naturalness with a chosen statement feature whereby the focus is either on the eyes or the lips whilst the rest is kept simple and nude.

The models on the runway during Paris Fashion Week for Valentino’s Couture Autumn/Winter 2010-11 collection are a great example of flawless, natural skin.  A good quality foundation, unless you’re skin confident enough to go foundation free, will in itself make a massive difference to your beauty.  There can be such an obvious difference between cheap foundation and a good quality (and more expensive) product.  That said, you still need to find one that suits your skin as some can be too powdery or greasy for one person but work perfectly for other skin types.

Once you’ve perfected the base of your skin’s look, you then need only apply a light brush of pale blusher, merely to re-emphasise the natural skin tones and bone structure of your face.  When you apply foundation the skin’s natural contours and skin tones are washed out so by applying a dash of blusher on the nose, forehead, and cheek bones, you redefine your face in a natural way.

The next step is to either make a statement of your lips or eyes against this natural looking, almost blank, canvas.

If you decide to create luscious lips then firstly keep the eyes fairly natural by adding a slight line of eyeliner, a smudge of eye-shadow in natural hues or just some plain eyes with mascara to brighten them.  Add some bright red or deep dark berry coloured lipstick as seen on many of the runways recently, particularly during the Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior Couture autumn/winter 2010-11 collections.  Red lips are classic and never go out of fashion.  Bright blood red lips can look especially beautiful on very pale skin and lend well to a vintage look.  Like the dark plum nail varnish that has been ever so popular of late, deep dark purple, plum, aubergine colours are extremely fashionable.  Lips can be matte or glossy or shimmery, whatever takes your fancy and suits the occasion.

For those of you who cannot live without eye make-up, keep the skin bare and the lips natural with clear lip gloss or a nude coloured lipstick or gloss, and then add emphasis to your eyes.  Liquid eyeliner on the eye lid is a great way to retain smudge free eyes.  Having said that if you are looking to create the ever popular smoky eyes then you will want a product you can smudge well.  Use eye shadows with autumn hues like brown, gold, bronze and rusty orange.  The occasion should determine whether you create a soft smoky look or a more dramatic one.  If you are going for dramatic statement eyes then blocks of colours will look so on trend and really give you the wow factor.  For brilliant examples of this check out Christian Dior’s Couture autumn/winter 2010-11 collection at Paris Fashion Week.  You’ll notice that Dior have actually combined the statement eyes with the statement lips so if you’re feeling bold, go for it.

Whichever look you go for, mascara is a fantastic way of making your eyes appear larger and dreamier.  Despite some people claiming mascara is off the list this season, false eyelashes are off the list but whether mascara will ever be out of fashion is doubtful.  Having lashes that reach your forehead is not attractive but even a slight application of mascara will define your eyes well.