Making Waves

Chanel SS12Although most of us are still recovering from the festive season, the fashion world is a step ahead as usual after launching the spring collections months ago. In Paris, Chanel showed off their spectacular collection, inspired by nature’s own oceans. Each model appeared to have been dipped into a magical fashion sea, coming out covered in pearls and outfits made of the most exquisite fabric with golden hems that could have been tarnished by the water itself. Each piece featured shapes directly inspired by nature’s beauty and light that would blind the sun. Ruffles, metallics, clutches in the shape of shells covered in pearls made up outfits that look fit to style a very fashionable mermaid.


Chanel, however, was not the only one to incorporate this magnificent idea. In Milan, Giorgio Armani’s fascination with light too resulted in a collection fit for a sea queen. The show glowed with delicate fabrics and once again had soaked up pearls and intricate beading.


Above all my personal favourite had to be Alexander McQueen’s collection, shown in Paris. Once again, each piece was drowned in a special oceanic touch which included fabric that looked like it would feel just like coral and was shaped like it too. Texture made this collection what it is, like everything had been carved from the ocean floor, gold was dotted around like treasure waiting to be found. Every so often an outfit would appear all in black, showing Sarah Burton’s ability not to just capture the original beauty of the sea, but the dark side too. It is definitely my favourite due to the collection’s unexplainable beauty, something that just has to be seen for yourself.


On the high street you will find the essence of these collections have been captured for more affordable options.


By Amy McIntosh