MANGO at Liverpool Fashion Week 2012

MANGO Liverpool Fashion Week 2012If there was an ultimatum that I was presented with by the end of Liverpool Fashion Week 2012, it’s that this season, Mango is really all about the three T’s:


It’s got to be tight, textured or involve some kind of tailoring.


Not unlike the earlier display by Illuminati Jeans, if you’re going to cover up those sexy pins, girls, those trousers had better be cropped or tight! If you’re going to wear jeans, they had better be of the skinny and/or khaki green variety and if you are going to take a jacket out with you, it had better be tailored and monochrome.


And like The Terminator, our good friend the LBD is back! Now I know what you’re thinking. You think it’s time to grab your LITTLE black dress from the back of the wardrobe, but no, my good sir, you are mistaken! I am referring of course, to the LONG black dress with a type of Liz Hurley-esque slit up the side, reminiscent of the early 90’s.


The  LBD in question had been neatly paired with seriously gorgeous shoes, draped over a stunningly beautiful model (that I heard a whispering was possibly a relative of onlooker Abbey Clancy) and had that all important texture-factor.  The dress in question was of a beautiful and eye-catching material that just purred pure decadence!


And then models stepped out in some lovely black leather hot pants (a staple for every wardrobe this season); and then a little black dress with added mesh detail on the sleeves; and then a black sequinned mini dress with a scoop neck at the back; and more black shoes, bags and coats until frankly I felt couldn’t take anymore until at last – some seriously hot this season – cobalt had been thrown into their collection…And then it was cobalt mini jumper dress followed by cobalt blue jumper…you get the picture.


At some points during the show, I have to confess I was starting to feel as though I was drowning in a sea of black and monochrome until the colours of stonewash jeans and chunky knitwear came through like the welcome rays of the sun battling through a storm.


However, let’s not lose sight of the fact here that the textures and fabrics involved in creating these garments are of the highest quality but still at the purse-friendly price that I have come to expect from Mango.


My favourite item – the one that I would’ve happily thrown the family gerbil under a speeding bicycle for- is the aforementioned black sequinned mini dress…WOW factor or what!?


In addition, for some smart, sophisticated and seriously sexy stuff this autumn/winter; Mango has such gorgeous dresses on offer that you are literally spoilt for choice. Not to mention some key pieces that you could easily mix and match.


You will also be interested to know, LoveScene readers, that Mango also boasts some ankle strap stiletto sandals out right now which have been splattered across every fashion magazine from Liverpool to Japan.


But please, Mango, I love you, but I implore you…more colour this winter!


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