Marc Jacobs’ Dakota Fanning Ad Banned

Banned - Marc Jacobs' advert featuring Dakota FanningThe UK Advertising Standards Agency have got their red pen out again and decided that the much publicised advert for Marc Jacobs’ scent Oh, Lola! shall hence forth be removed from our view.


Why?  Because a young Dakota Fanning is holding a bottle of perfume on her knee.  The ASA have ruled that “[The] length of her dress, her leg and the position of the perfume bottle drew attention to her sexuality. Because of that, along with her appearance, we considered the ad could be seen to sexualise a child.”


Seriously, what now?  This is an ad featuring a 17 year old woman, wearing what 17 year old women wear holding a perfume bottle on her knee? OH THE HORRORS!!! OK, so she looks coquettish, but I think the people who found it so grossly offensive need to address their own issues with young women, not have any form of them banned from society.


We live culturally in a world where a young WOMAN can’t display any hints of sexuality in a woman’s perfume ad, but where young women are routinely sexualised and objectified in men’s scent ads.  I think the ASA should have a look at Lynx before slapping the red ink all over this cute and playful advert.


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  1. stamptree says:

    Yes! In NZ we keep getting Burgerking and beer adverts where girls in bikinis were jumping around on space hoppers and galloping on horses etc so you get to see the bouncing! They are annoying!

    Its not like they are trying to make her look like a school girl or she’s pulling one of those open mouthed blow up doll looks! She looks pretty but like a woman. Its tastefully done.

    What I found more disturbing in the press this week was the 26 year old anorexic wearing the same clothes as her 9 year old daughter. She really did look like a child wearing a lot of make up in a little girl’s dress. That was a bit creepy! Don’t even get me started with the pageant girls!!!!!