Masato Grandeur at Manchester Fashion Week 2012

Masato Manchester Fashion Week 2012Manchester Fashion Week saw Japanese designer Masato mark the runway with a collaboration of structure, sheen and chic as he showcased his upcoming AW12 season collection.


Recognized for his sharp cuts, draping fabrics and contrast between bold, murky and pale colours, the Tokyo-born creator, once known for his work within the hairdressing industry, lived up to the expectations of his viewers who once tipped him as ‘one to watch’.


Masato created a sophisticated wardrobe out of bold shouldered suits, the pinstripe pattern, sheer sleeves and slim pencil skirts with a range of textures and tones, such as silver, black, greys and golds.


Themes of smart and androgyny ran throughout the show, with some feminine floral materials reconstructed into masculine, tailored and tightly fastened jackets along with square shoulders and triangular reflection.


Colours consisted of mainly metallic, bouncing off each carefully crafted angle creating a crisp light which combined into each outfit. Hints of gold, cream and bronze counteracted against the mainly dark background colours which gave each piece of clothing a unique edge. A sheer skirt with tight ruched layers particularly stood out as the difference between the gold and black complimented the chic tone and caught all eyes who were intently watching.


Loose-fitting trousers or textured tights and high-knee socks were teamed with each design which tied in with the smart work-wear inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, it was clear that some of Masato’s designs displayed on his materials descended from his Japanese roots, as some of the floral etching reminded me of the petite carefully constructed patterns you see amongst oriental dresses and clothing.


To finish, a floor-length golden green gown was shown along with a matching jacket afterwards.  Both displayed unusual edging in the shape of zigzags and long circular curves which matched well with the curved edging of the small flowers shown on the patterned material. Masato certainly exceeded expectations, which proves he certainly is the one to keep watching.


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Images courtesy of Martin Higgs & Crankphoto


  1. Dawn Wood says:

    Fantastic article Jo, well done! You did us proud :) Gorgeous collection too!

  2. Jo Davis says:

    Thanks so much Dawn! :)