Masato Models on the Mersey

Masato SS13 Liverpool Fashion Week‘You could actually hear gasps from the audience…’ gushed Amanda Moss, Director of Liverpool Fashion Week and editor of Lifestyle Monthly magazine, after an overwhelmingly beautiful collection by Japanese designer, Masato, led the finale of Friday evening’s show at Liverpool Fashion Week.


The designer, who worked for none other than the radically stylish Mr Giles Deacon after graduating from the prestigious Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, has now launched his own haute couture collection; a delicate and alluring array of enchanting evening dresses, graceful skirts with strikingly clean lines and quite possible the most impressive jumpsuit I have ever seen.


As the clothes swayed down the runway to a classically Liverpudleon Beatles soundtrack, with the models donning round glasses in what can only have been a very respectful nod to John Lennon, everyone’s attention was captured by the sumptuous fabric – soft satins fused with distinctly traditional Japanese prints. The colour combinations set each other off perfectly, and after seeing how elusive the colour red was made to look, as opposed to bold and harsh, I now have a whole new found respect for grey – the offsetting shade.


Masato had chosen the Northern waterside city of Liverpool, showcasing in the stunning dining rooms of the Maritime Museum perfectly situated overlooking the docks, rather than presenting his collection in the bright lights of London. Speaking enthusiastically after the show, Amanda Moss told me she was ‘absolutely honoured’ with this decision, and to be perfectly frank, I was too as this was by far the best show of the night.


‘People often have a negative opinion of Liverpool’, claimed Moss, ‘…but it is so great to be able to transform this view’. And transformation really is the significant aspect here. Yet again, Liverpool has proved itself to have its fashion foot well and truly forward, brushing aside cynicism and striding on with its head held high. Masato’s collection can be seen as an epitome of the firm values of this city – innovation, elegance and class.


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