Mascu-women Feelings

ASOS - tailoringA fusion of masculinity and femininity is hitting the high street for the autumn/winter season.


Past seasons have depicted this blending of sexes, yet with a seductive and romantic edge. Clean-cut shirts unbuttoned to the bra and cinched in with a thick black waist belt, emulating the iconic hour-glass shape of the 40s.  However, this season expects an alternate manner of dressing: crisp white shirts buttoned to the nape with tailored peg-leg trousers. Simple, slouchy and demure.


Androgyny is taking the autumn/winter 11-12 catwalks and high street by storm. With the likes of Alexa Chung and Chloe Sevigny leading the mascu-women pack, lady-like glamour has lost its appeal, leaving the fashion stage open to full trouser suits and manly accessories.


Boyfriend blazers and loose-fitting peg leg crops are the ultimate combination and have an “I don’t have to try to look fabulous” quality. Shirts achieve maximum effect when fully buttoned, and confident fashion go-ers have even gone to the extreme of wearing dicky bow-ties in a multitude of patterns and colours.


Leather brogues in all varieties are currently in-trend this year, from slim to chunky styles in colours ranging from fluorescent orange to classic black. A majority of women have boarded this band-wagon as lace-ups are practical, comfortable and keep to the formalities of work attire. Who wouldn’t choose flat durable brogues instead of platform, drag queen-esque heels?


Moccasins are another way of putting your strong foot forward. Fringe detailing and gloss finishes are classy and have a vintage feel; an equally wonderful alternative if the brogue trend isn’t for you.


Brief cases and braces complete the business (wo)man effect of the outfit. Satchel bags have undergone a remodel and now appear as box bags with clasp details. Even the 80s stock-broker’s crocodile skin brief case is a must this autumn. Elasticised braces are aesthetically pleasing and reduce the overall hardness of the outfit, adding a Charlie Chaplain likeness.


YSL - AW 2011Minimal-to-zero jewellery compliments the overtly masculine look. Any make-up style can work as the garments are block colours and basic. Although, eyeliner winged eyes and a nude gloss will inject some femininity if you find the mascu-women look a little daunting. Hair can be slicked to the side as seen on Yves Saint Laurent and Mary Katrantzou’s catwalk shows or loosely tousled for an out-of-bed carelessness.


As clichéd as it seems, such trends give power and strength to the appearance of women. As the line between male and female clothing blurs, women are winning the fashion race whilst men are left behind with their ‘man bags’ and blouses.