Meggings! What the…?!

Meggings. “What are meggings?” I hear you ask. Well, I hope you’re sitting down, because what I’m about to tell you may come as something of ameggings shock. Meggings, my dear ladies, are leggings for men. I’ll give you a minute to process that ground-shattering sentence.

Meggings aren’t the first fashion fail for men. No man-trend that combines the word ‘man’ with a fashion item is ever a good idea. We should have learnt this from the various other notorious fashion mistakes lent to men from the world of women’s fashion. How about manscara? Do we all remember that? Yes, yes we do, and wish we could forget. Manscara goes hand in hand with manliner of course. Fine on TV personalities who we’re supposed to laugh at; not s o much on the hot guy next door. Not so hot anymore! And who could forget the extremely offensive mankini? Originally a joke, then a fashion craze. The year Borat came out and introduced our men to the mankini, women everywhere should have boycotted the beaches of the world and protested outside Sacha Baren Cohen’s house for the damage he caused to the world’s psyche.

Ok, so meggings, leggings for men (try not to picture it too much) have apparently already taken over the New York fashion scene and are making their way over to London. Such celebs as Justin Bieber and Russell Brand (of course, *eye roll*) have already been spotted wearing the latest he-trend, and soon meggings could be on a man near you! Imagine your boyfriend, or your dad or your local corner shop man in meggings…oh…oh no…no no…actually don’t. Please, try not to vomit. Meggings = fashion disaster. Who on earth wants to see a man wearing skin tight clothing? Leggings are for women. They cup our bountiful bums, cuddle our curvaceous carves and generally enhance our lower portions. They’re a great accessory for those oversized winter jumpers and make dresses wearable in the colder months. Though there’s no denying that men do have pretty nice legs and occasionally great bums, they’re not curvy and womanly and don’t benefit (especially around the groin area) from having their clothes closer to their legs than their skin. Their legs are manly and muscular, and we don’t need to see them vacuum-wrapped, thankyouverymuch.

They say the world is going to end soon. I’m sure the harbinger of doom will come wearing meggings.

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  1. LoveSceneMag says:

    Such a great, funny article. Meggings – ew!! :-)