Menswear for Women

I have often thought to myself, “Why do the men’s section have better clothes than the women’s?”  Admittedly I haven’t been able to resist the charm of their departments and have over the past ten years found myself buying an item or two out of the men’s and young boys sections.


Sometimes fashion is such that nearly every item in the stores of the city are the same style.  For example, about two years ago everything had a low neck.  Not one for baring the breasts I found it extremely annoying that everything purchased had to work with a vest underneath.  Consequently my main wardrobe staples were t-shirts and jumpers.


Then one day I realised (slow, I know), that if I secretly wandered over to my husband’s wardrobe I could nab some of his clothes.  Of course, some of these items never found their way back to their homeland and they now reside within my collection.


If you’re a woman looking for some wearable men’s clothing check out these great buys.



Bermuda Shorts – £15.99, Zara; Kurt Cobain T-Shirt – £20.00, Topman; Sweatshirt – £20.00, Topshop;

Jersey Trousers – £34.00 (reduced), French Connection; Slim Fit Hoody – £24.99, Ark; Farah Vintage Shorts – £50.00, Urban Outfitters;

Cardigan – £15.99 (reduced), Zara; Relaxed Jeans – £25.00, Burtons; Diesel Cardigan – £130.00, ASOS.