Mother & the Bride

Maternity wear on the catwalkI wrote an article last month about my initial foray into the world of maternity wear as I am expecting a baby in September. Fortunately I was contacted by some lovely industry people who know more about fashion with a bump than I do about breathing exercises and stretch marks and so with fresh eyes, professional fashion guidance and my non-pregnant, model sister by my side, I’m going to tackle a weekend wardrobe for the occasion of the year, The Royal Wedding.


Both my sister and I adore fashion and as it states in my bio, I am an avid collector of British Vogue, as well as hundreds of pristine copies of Matches catalogues. I just can’t seem to throw them away, as spending an afternoon flipping through past fashion phases is my idea of heaven. However, I am not ashamed to admit that pregnancy hates me, and it chases away all of my enthusiasm for getting excited about SS trends, fashion week and no, please no, summer footwear styles! This is my idea of hell seeing as killer platforms do nothing to support my ever softening back muscles or my shifting centre of gravity.


This year is going to be different. My sister and I are heading to London to join a private party celebrating the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. So okay, we’re not going to the wedding itself, more just hanging around a swanky hotel trying to look fashionable whilst carrying a small child and an extra half a stone in weight. Hmmm! There are one or two things to be grateful for, my hair is looking really nourished (sorry to sound like Davina there) my nails are also looking wonderfully healthy, my completion lacks a little Crème De La Mer, but that can be worked on in the two weeks I have left. But alas, No Wardrobe!


Following my first article in which I wrote about the expense of good quality maternity wear and how it matched up against high street counterparts, I have since met with Zoe Brewer, founder of modern maternity clothing line Lulu Arver. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, as a working mum herself Zoe used her own experience to really focus her collection in terms of quality, fit and range. My attitude towards evaluating expense and quality has changed somewhat having understood the design stages of some key pieces and I see that there is much more wear-ability in high end maternity clothing that is just not available on the high street market. Like Vogue our bible proclaims, Fashion is an Investment.

Maternity fashion

So my challenge now is this; locate and co-ordinate an affordable, quality and fashionable capsule wardrobe for a weekend in the capital. The wardrobe must include; clothing for travel/business meeting/informal drinks, plus a Special Occasion ensemble for the big day itself.


Day one of the challenge is likely to include sibling arguments, frantic emailing/surfing of the web, and many calls to stockists followed by mad dashes into the city with no change for parking!


Watch this space and wish bump and me luck!