NAIL ART: Are we done yet?


The fingernail is having a Mariah Carey diva moment. From velvet tips to chalkboard doodles, beauty bloggers worldwide must surely wince with each new “it” effect that they are obliged to review.

Nail varnish ranges that don’t include some sort of DIY bead kit are few and far between. Limited edition sets suggest we become the artist and use our nails as a medium of self-expression. They ironically invite us to create something individual in a few easy steps. The fact is, professional technician excluded, nail art chiefly serves as a mechanism for dividing the lacquer-wearing population into two key categories: those who can be bothered to master the skill of ambidexterity and those who cannot.

 Grazia magazine has scored a PR bull’s-eye by creating a Twitter competition out of the craze. Christening the hitherto-dreaded first day of the week as “#manicuremonday”, @Grazia_Live asks followers to tweet in their creations for a prized retweet and taps into the fact that the trend thrives on one-upmanship. Spearheaded by celebs, nail designs strive to be the prettiest or the funniest or the most retro (award for the latter still goes hands down- excuse the pun- to Katy Perry’s Daria nails).

katy perry.jpg

Nails have stopped being a humble canvas, dutifully available to compliment our skin tone and outfit. Instead, they scream for the attention of anyone in the surrounding vicinity and are mortally offended by uniformity. I was recently told that in an extremely important business meeting my mother was rudely interrupted by the diamanté bows on her colleague’s thumbs, proudly glinting in the sunlight.

Thankfully, the disdain she and I shared at this professional error is also being expressed on the AW’13 runways. Rag and Bone, DAKS, J Mendel and Burberry are just a few big names that featured single colour nails in an earthy palette – think nudes and dark reds. The fashion industry has had enough and I have a feeling that those who have gotten cricked necks after hours of trying to get that flower juuust right will happily put the tools away and at some point in the future refer to this time as “the dark days”.

Stock up on single colours for fad-proof style, your nails will love you for it.

NARS £14.50 Galathee , Guerlain £18 Madamebatifole,   Nails Inc £11 George Street, Barry M Gelly £3.99  Blackberry

L-r: NARS £14.50 Galathee, Guerlain £18 Madamebatifole, Nails Inc £11 George Street, Barry M Gelly £3.99 Blackberry









Daria nails image courtesy of:  Illustration courtesy of: Cheyenne Taylor