New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion WeekNYFW (for those cool peeps in the know!) has been and gone at the kind of speed only seen in the fashion world, a whirlwind of creativity, excitement and uber stylish folk. Was I there!? Well no, because as of yet my potential for amazing fashion journalism is yet to be recognised but just you wait! Instead through a borderline obsession with the blogosphere and Vogue I have attempted to keep pace. And although we have yet to showcase the looks from Spring/Summer 2011, if we are not to be left behind like a bespoke cupcake at an aftershow party,  preparation must be made for Autumn/Winter 2011!

So what lessons can we take from the city that never sleeps?

1) Drive em dotty – Marc Jacobs came out with a much more sophisticated look than we are used to with the running theme ofMarc Jacobs Autumn Winter 2011polka dots and to be fair when is a good dotty print ever out of style?

2) 70s siren – Harking back to the era of Bianca Jagger and the Studio 54 crowd. Many designers took influence from this era, but I would look to Halston Heritage for your inspiration, if you’re a diligent little fashionista you may even be able to find an original a la ebay! ( or make entrances on a horse, whichever you prefer).

3) Strike out- Whatever you do make it your own like the Rodarte girls. Screw Black Swan and the Oscars! As always they trod their own path and it was wistfully beautiful. Nudes, lace and length, wish I had their imagination.

4) Urban minimalist – From the likes of Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim, its parred down but with that edge. A simple jacket from the front? It must be cut to ribbons at the back, you know the deal look for the detail.Alexander Wang Autumn Winter 2011

And now we must move on to the eclectic and eccentric wonder of London Fashion Week, already rocking and rolling as I type.  So I’m off to watch the live streaming (God bless the internet) whilst wearing unfeasibly large sunglasses and drinking mini Moet from a straw!! Ciao.