Olive Oil for Beautiful Hair

For some, shiny silky hair is hereditary.  For the onlooker this either means feelings of envy or feelings of attraction.  If your hair is exposed to the sun, wind, chlorine, heat from blow dryers and hair straighteners, or chemical treatments, chances are your hair probably isn’t in the moisturised condition it should be or could be.

Some people think, “if I only straighten my hair half of the week it may not look as damaged”, or “maybe if I buy the most expensive conditioning products on the market”, or the good old, “perhaps if I change my hair conditioner every couple of months, I’ll have gorgeous silky hair.  A better diet, genetics and lifestyle do play a part but there are other things you can do to help improve the silkiness of your hair massively.

Olive oil is a well known remedy for beautifying skin and hair.  For centuries, humans have relied on olive oil to help maintain good health, a fresh, dewy complexion, lustrous hair, and more.  It helps repair your split ends, heals dandruff, and makes your hair shiny and silky. Nowadays, olive oil is readily available and relatively inexpensive.  It’s always a good idea to store two bottles in your house, one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom or bedroom.

If you’re fed up of looking at lustrous hair with envy then grab your olive oil, massage a few tablespoons into your scalp and hair. Cover your hair with a plastic bathing cap.  If you do not have a cap, stretch the top of a thin carrier bag place it over the scalp area only as far down as the eyebrows at most (this is not a suffocation exercise) and then tie it using the handles at the base of your skull at the back of your neck.  Leave the oil on for at least 30 minutes whilst you potter about your house, watch TV or read a book, and then jump into the shower and shampoo as usual.  Repeat this weekly over a period of time and you will notice the condition of your hair improve significantly.