Out of the Blue


It’s spring drop week on the High Street and we can’t  move for blue. We’re talking near-fluoro blue, cobalt blue; think garish and gaudy, bold and brazen. This isn’t an excuse for all you play-it-safers to dig out your trusty, navy secretary blouse – since when was à la Nick Clegg a ‘thing’? Navy is a sinker this season, it’s quite simply a competition of how loud your outfit can be. So who’s volume is turned right up on this trend?

Rings and Tings 

wing bag

Rings and Tings really has come out of the blue and jumped straight into the deep end. This online store is a little treasure and I currently have a particular affinity for their bright coloured bags at low-coloured prices.

It’s not very often I shop at an unknown online retailer without reading pages of reviews and testimonials, and employing various Google searches. However Rings and Tings speaks for itself. Really exploiting the blue trend this season, the boys behind this marvel have jumped on the bandwagon at exactly the right time.

The above real dear leather clutch with gold chain can be found over on the site for £42, along with this block tone wing bag (right) for the same price.




zara blue
I know what you’re thinking, how can eBay be ‘up’ on a trend? Well eBay itself isn’t but its users are. When a season ‘drop’ happens on the High Street and we get the first real glimpse of what’s going to be big for the next 6 months for us normal folk (and not a prediction as to what might water down from the runway), eBayers around the world are frantically pulling out any old parp from their wardrobe which could be marketed as such.

So what if it’s 6 years old and has moth damage? If it’s blue you can guarantee they’ll be throwing it on eBay.  Get there quick before I do!



Sticking with accessories, is a staple for folky-fashionistas world over. Here you’ll find an Aladdin’s cave of bluey goodness like the electric blue hydrouartz necklace below.