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Being a proud quarter Scottish, hailing descendant of the Fraser clan, I feel as though my fondness for a classic tartan is a celebration of my omnipresent albeit vague roots. Tartan warms the cockles of my old tinkering heart in a way that no other pattern does. With autumn and its succeeding season of winter, I hope [...]

Who knew shoulders could be so sexy?

We’re used to seeing legs and cleavage.  With the creation of wow bras, maximisation bras and the make- your- breasts-  look-two- sizes- bigger bras, it isn’t a surprise that the assets women show in order to impress are those we probably shouldn’t be showing. But things are soon changing. Off the shoulder styles have made [...]

NAIL ART: Are we done yet?

The fingernail is having a Mariah Carey diva moment. From velvet tips to chalkboard doodles, beauty bloggers worldwide must surely wince with each new “it” effect that they are obliged to review. Nail varnish ranges that don’t include some sort of DIY bead kit are few and far between. Limited edition sets suggest we become [...]

Bed Head or Neatly Groomed?

SO on Sunday, my friend and I went to an old styley 1940s airshow in Essex. The men dressed up in uniform were all neatly groomed, with combed, bryl-creemed hair and nicely trimmed facial hair. It took me to a time where ‘bed head’ just meant you had honestly just got out of bed and had [...]

Top 10 Best Lustrous Lip Glosses

Makeup is an essential for some and choosing the right cosmetic item is just as critical. Lips are the defining pivotal finish to your makeup enhancements. Thus, it’s important to know what colors and brands are best suited for your individual needs. Here you will find the top 10 best selling lip glosses with impressive [...]

Boho Chic: When, Where, and Why

It’s true; fashion has its horrible flash back moments. Yet it also has a free adventurous way of reinventing an old time favorite! Boho is so in this season and takes us back to that hippie theme of love, peace, and happiness. Summer time is full of festivals and family outdoor extravaganzas, which is the [...]

Holiday Shop: The One-Piece

Swimsuits have long stopped being about covering up and judging by the Resort ’14 catwalk shows, it’s a trend that is here to stay. Directional and daring, the one-piece is taking risks and so should you. Fashion houses and high street stores alike are offering a myriad of options in design and budget to make [...]

Designer Eyewear

Long gone are the days in which eyeglasses were stereotypically associated with “nerdiness”; today is an era in which fashionistas are selecting frames that accentuate their facial features and express personality and individuality, regardless of whether they need corrective lenses or simply want to diversify their look.

POPPYS’ Bloggers Event (19th June 2013)

By Flavie Belanco Bloggers, cupcakes, sweets and glamour; POPPYS really knows how to put on an event. German based luxury brand, POPPYS, hosted a bloggers event a couple of weeks ago to showcase their newest, sparkly product: POPPYS mini jack plug. Here, bloggers were treated to a little preview and catwalk show of the product, [...]

What to Wear for a Vacation Get Away!

What to Wear for a Vacation Get Away Planning on a beach front vacation this summer? Or maybe you just want to look like you are. Either way Hawaiian tropical fashion trends are making way. Tropical paradise sure makes you feel good and provides that R&R we all need from time to time. Sultry colors [...]

Bold Brash SS13 Prints

There are some really “out there” prints available at the moment.  Are you brave enough to be so bold?  Check out the Barbie comic leggings by Miss Selfridge, they’re our favourite of the selection….

The Great Gatsby Effect: An Ode to the Flapper Girl

  This spring brings the return of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic novel The Great Gatsby back to our screens for the first time since 2002 starring the aptly-cast Leo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire. A remake by ‘love or loathe’ director Baz Luhrmann, expect a glamorous  portrayal of the main protagonists to turn us [...]

The Short Straw

I’m standing in the changing rooms looking like an overgrown five year old wearing her mother’s frock. Except I’m not five, and I’m not wearing my mother’s clothes, I’m simply short. There, I said it. Short with a capital S. Five foot one to be precise. If you’ve ever taken an overly generous lump off [...]

The standard trench is not so standard anymore…

If you haven’t seen it, you should immediately Google it. And no, I’m not talking about Beyonce’s Superbowl performance again (oh-em-gee how good was it?) This time, I’m talking about trench coats, and lots of them. Yes I know, someone says trench coat and you immediately want to shout, ‘Sherlock!’ Or ‘Romeo Beckham!’ In my [...]

Out of the Blue

It’s spring drop week on the High Street and we can’t  move for blue. We’re talking near-fluoro blue, cobalt blue; think garish and gaudy, bold and brazen. This isn’t an excuse for all you play-it-safers to dig out your trusty, navy secretary blouse – since when was à la Nick Clegg a ‘thing’? Navy is a [...]

Layering 101

Some of the best things in life have layers. Cake, a good hair cut, ogres…Usually a technique reserved for winter, layering is an essential skill to master when you’re faced with bipolar weather conditions (all year round in England). Shrek may be so 2009, but layering is always current. The trick is to team lighter [...]

Sailing the Nautical Ship

Spring is as close to the horizon as you are to a ‘new year diet’ breakdown, which of course means lighter nights, warmer temperatures, and for us fashion folk – nautical. When Frank Sinatra’s ‘Somewhere beyond the sea’ comes gushing out the stereos at London Fashion Week you’re overcome by that striking fashion fear that [...]

Don Denim

I think we all deserve a guilt free treat for struggling through January on stretched-out pennies but the question remains what should we spend our hard earned cash on? Denim is your answer. It’s set to be one of the biggest trends of Spring/Summer 2013 and key statement denim pieces are starting to treacle into [...]

The Fashion Equation: You do the math this season

Are you ever left flummoxed by the lingo unleashed with every new season collection? Whether it’s 5 inch heels, Kate Mid’s 25mm average curl diameter, geometric patterns or hexagonal clutch bags, we can’t ever avoid the maths even in our industry.  1 Ear Cuff – They’ve attempted a revival for a few consecutive years, usually [...]

Let’s talk about S***** baby

“Girl on the platform smiled….”  Yeah right.  When does that ever happen – at least in London? And call me cynical, but surely using a ‘natural’ meeting to advertise an online dating service is something of a contradiction in terms?  Why not go with, “Some people are fortunate enough to meet their boyf/girlf in a [...]