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Breton Stripes

Stripes are taking over this summer! They are engulfing everything from dresses, skirts and shirts to handbags and shoes, even belts. They are appearing as primary colours of green and blue mixed with white or as pink and red with inputs of black.   It is a far cry away from the striped black and [...]

Belts With Tassels For Spring/Summer 2011

You’ll recognise the gold Gucci belt with tassels (worn by Chanel Iman amongst others), from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection from photo’s of Milan Fashion Week and the advertising campaigns.  Beautiful and luxurious there is something about it that is very old Egyptian royalty.   Of course, now variations of belts with tassels are everywhere.  They [...]

Galliano’s Fashion Burial

I was disappointed to find that Galliano was guilty of racist slurs. The individual I had once admired for his bold catwalk displays and impact on fashion had tainted his image. No longer famed for his work on Dior but more for his racial outbursts, he represented what was negative about fashion. Fashion itself already [...]

America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Finale

So the best of the best won.  Yay!  I couldn’t be happier.  She is the one who should have won, she was the only real model in the entire series, unfortunately.  She is the only one you could see getting booked time and time again by the biggest designers… all because of that portfolio.   [...]

Holiday Shop Appetizer

The garden is beginning to bloom, the sun has been shining and the shops have got that enticing look again.  You know the one.  Swimwear, beachwear, holiday wear.  It just makes you want to rush home, jump on the internet and find a holiday in the sun.  Well to help you with your holiday shopping, [...]

Black Is Beautiful

What can we say is generally seen as being beautiful to other people? Could it be black, mixed or very dark-skinned women?   It is a question that still circulates our thoughts today, and the worry of how positive the representations of black female models actually are or have been, within popular culture. As beauty [...]

Road Test: H&M 2011 Spring Collection Statement Harem Pants

I was settled in bed with a nice cup of tea casually ignoring the advertisements on 4od before Come Dine With Me when a glimpse of a model wearing spectacular leopard print harems caught my eye. I bounced up and down with excitement as I saw that they were from H&M. A little internet peruse [...]

Bonjour Paris Fashion Week

I will be honest, for reasons involving a snowboard and a lot of gluwhein (is that how you spell it?) I may have totally missed Milan Fashion Week, so shall we simply brush over it until I am in the right frame of mind to backtrack through a billion blogs and simply move with the [...]

America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 11

Last week’s America’s Next Top Model was an interesting episode! Jane and Ann were told that they seriously lacked personality and the kind of passion that they need to stay in the competition. Chris was sent packing because even though she had heaps of personality, she didn’t seem as dedicated as the other girls!   [...]

Love Lila: Funky Online Boutique

Fashion forward and affordable… now that’s what we fashion lovers like!   Love LiLa is one of those online shops that ignores the faff and gets straight to the heart of fresh, funky fashion.  The quality of the current site may not be the best but I am told there’s a much slicker one on [...]

America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 10

America’s Next Top Model’s resident diva Liz left last week! The competition is getting increasingly fierce, and it’s not long now before the season is over! Who are you vouching for?   I’m going to get straight into this week’s episode: at the very beginning (after the girls bitched a bit about Chris not being [...]

A Spotty Spring/Summer 2011

Spotty prints are of course very big during Spring/Summer 2011 so here are a few on trend items to splot your wardrobe with…   click images to enlarge Dorothy Perkins – Dress – £24.00; ASOS – Scarf – £76.50; Very – £39.00; ASOS – Dress – £155.00; Miss Selfridge – Top – £35.00; Topshop – [...]

London Calling

After the fabulousness of NYFW it was time to toss off the oversized sunglasses and don our geek chic specs to welcome back London Fashion Week. Britain may not be the most favoured country in the world right now (the Eurovision song contest is my barometer and it ain’t good) but you can never detract [...]

Block it like it’s hot!

You have no idea how many awesome puns I  came up with in order to represent the colour blocking trend approaching us this season, I settled with the Snoop Dog reference to inject a semblance of cool, otherwise I was headed towards that 1980s retro fave Rainbow! And to be honest that used to scare me [...]

America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 9

So the competition is getting very fierce now! Beautiful Esther left last week, and we are now down to our final six!   This week’s episode started with gorgeously androgynous drama queen Liz saying how she always laughs whenever she feels awkward in explanation of her less than adequate performance last week. Ann also expressed [...]

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

OK, so we still don’t know which designer Kate Middleton’s going to use for her wedding to Prince William, but we thought we’d pick out a few that she could use for inspiration only. When we heard the rumour of Kate Moss possibly designing the bride-to-be’s dress we thought it best to implore Kate Middleton, [...]

Costume Luxe

On a recent rainy Monday night my younger sister invited me over for dinner and to watch some random episodes of Hercule Poirot. She is currently obsessed with murder mysteries having already exhausted a box set of Midsummer Murders; it was time to move onto a more interesting era, fashion wise. Death on the Nile [...]

The Maternity Section

I recently discovered that I am pregnant and seeing as I am having an autumn baby I am going to be heavily pregnant during what little summer mother nature is going to bless my poor, pasty skin with this year.  I love a bit of online shopping as much as the next girl, and am [...]

Beyonce: Blonde Bombshell

Do celebrities ever stop messing with their hair? No, I don’t think so.   The latest celeb to go all out and change their hair colour is none other than Beyonce & wow, does she look good! The star has long rocked the long, sleek mahogany look, however, now she appears to have lightened in [...]

America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 8

This week’s episode kicked off with a catwalk show, where the girls had to work along side runway models wearing designer Zack Posen’s Z Spoke collection. The professional models were taken aside and told to be purposefully bitchy to the girls. The aim was to ‘see how well they dealt with the pressure’. It was [...]