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Print Dresses for Spring/Summer 2011

It’s that time of year again when we can get excited about all the pretty summery outfits to bring some fun to dressing up. There are as always a number of trends on the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion scene, one of the most notable being print dresses. From pastels to bold colours; there are flower prints, [...]

New York Fashion Week

NYFW (for those cool peeps in the know!) has been and gone at the kind of speed only seen in the fashion world, a whirlwind of creativity, excitement and uber stylish folk. Was I there!? Well no, because as of yet my potential for amazing fashion journalism is yet to be recognised but just you [...]

Rainbow brights

The closest we’ve got to bright colours this winter has been the qualirt street wrappers from the copious amounts of chocolate we scoffed over Christmas. Luckily for those of us hungry for a splash of colour, the gloomy weather is no match for Spring 2011. Yes, soon you’ll be in need of sunglasses when opening [...]

America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 7

I hope that you have all had a very happy Valentine’s Day! I must say, I didn’t watch this week’s episode when it aired on Sky the other night, but after an over indulgent Valentine’s Day it was a treat to catch up on Sky player this morning with my hang-over tea and toast! For [...]

Why We Love…. Jameela Jamil

“Running round London doing press appointments like a madwoman in hot pants, plus my long camel coat makes me look like a flasher.” With eyeliner, humour, brains and a quirky style to match Jameela Jamil is a fashion icon in training and definitely one to watch. She is the British beauty, 25, that’s stealing the [...]

On Trend: Wedge Boots

The wedge boot, by far, has to be one of the greatest shoe types around. It’s very rare to find a shoe that not only looks chic, glamorous & super stylish, but actually provides comfort, practicality and even adds extra height to us ladies on the smaller side! The wedge boot has long been dominant, [...]

America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 6

Sky has been airing the most recent season of America’s Next Top Model, and putting the most recently shown episodes on Sky player. I personally love America’s Next Top Model, because it is American reality television at its best. Furthermore, the fashion featured is amazing. Tyra Banks as a presenter is both loveable and straight [...]

Sport Luxe

If, like me, the thought of sportswear leaves you shuddering at flashbacks of old P.E. classes and the hideous shorts and jumper combo, then you’re probably planning on avoiding this seasons “sport luxe” trend. Sport and fashion?  Those two words are meant to be kept a long track run away from each other, right?   [...]

Top Ten Tips For Natural Flawless Skin

Most men and women either enjoy flawless skin or desire it. How you look on the outside can really help how you feel on the inside. However, what you do to your insides massively affects how you look on the outside!  Here are our top ten tips (in no particular order) for you to achieve [...]

High Street Changing Rooms: Urban Outfitters

This green silk dress was so comfortable, albeit a little static prone.  The fact that it has a softly elasticated waist and loose fit certainly appeals, especially for Spring/Summer 2011.  It would keep you cool whilst obeying this season’s trend of mid length dresses.  I have been searching high and low for mid length dresses [...]

It’s Barbie

I have never considered buying a pink wing, well, apart from the time I had seen Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation. I have never thought about mixing tribal animal prints of the zebra with green nail varnish and pink lipstick, not until Nicki Minaj came onto the music scene. The Harajuku Barbie who belongs [...]


At first glance the title is mere digits with two letters, look harder and you will realize it’s the measurements of a real woman, a woman specifically named Christina Hendricks. The Mad Men starlet has rose to fame and put her hour-glass stamp firmly on television for all to recognise, to the point where Marc [...]

Rihanna’s New Do

Barbados babe Rihanna is one of many celebrities that love to regularly  shake up their image and by this, of course, I mean their hair. From luscious long flowing locks, to short, spiky and wild looking hair, Rhi’s done  it all. We thought she couldn’t top the daring black ‘rock chick’ look until she  revealed her [...]

Demon Heels

We’ve all experienced that high – the initial burst of ecstasy that has you scrambling to the tills in the manner of a crazed zombie from a cheap horror flick. No, you didn’t just find a Johnny Depp look-a-like offering his eternal love and devotion to you; we haven’t all experienced that high. Although if [...]

Accessory trends for 2011

Read Mia’s tips on what to look out for in 2011 when it comes to fashion accessories.

Why We Love….. Dannii Minogue

When you think Dannii Minogue you used to think Kylie but that, however, is not true anymore as over the past few years Miss Danni Minogue has really come into her own especially with the fashion world. While entering the nation’s hearts through the world of television, adverts and the notorious show that is X [...]

12 Reasons We Deserve a Chanel or Mulberry…

1) We smile sweetly at whoever asks, “Why are you still single?” rather than headbutting them into hell! 2) We tolerate the strange and unusual when travelling on public transport 3) We tolerate the strange and unusual men! Pah! 4) We never got sucked into the so-called trend of gold shiny leggings and we don’t [...]

Undressing the Dress

From Lily Allen wearing that pink Chanel dress with the matching quilted bag, to Crystal Renn in Zac Posen, January Jones in Versace or Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein, the dress has come in itself a long way. As high as your upper thigh or as low, so the skirt touches the ground, the dress [...]

Up-and-Coming Fashion Designer: Sve Fashion

Hitting Tarporley High street last month was a new fresh fashion boutique Sve selling all one-off bespoke pieces tailored to suit all ages. Sve celebrates the strength and power of women in her sleek lines and flattering cuts. The launch night of this super chic boutique was a huge success. Champagne flowed, delicate music played, [...]

‘Bling Me Out’

This year’s jewellery is going to be anything but subtle, I think that’s why I am so excited. As I type I am grinning from ear to ear already preparing my card for the big shopping spree. Do not worry though, your brain can stop drawing up images of Pat Butcher and Mr. T, it [...]