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Hot Hair Trends for 2011

OK, so this year you’re thinking its time to change your look. New style, new you right?  You’ve booked that appointment at the hairdressers but you’re still not certain of which fabulous new hairstyle you want for 2011.Well luckily for you, here’s a bundle of the best hair trends to keep you looking stylish all [...]

Accessory Must Have – Tights

Since the crazy obsession over leggings began way back in 2009, we have since forgotten about the trusty (and may I add, fashionable) accessory that are tights.   For years tights have played an important factor in fashion, most commonly the black tight seen on women of the working office. Boring I hear you cry? Well, [...]

Dressing For The Party Season!

It’s that time of year where you have so many things to do; be it family occasions or going for cocktails with old friends to catch up. You want to dress to impress but your bank balance is hurtling towards minus numbers because of Christmas. I have been recycling last year’s dresses as gold was [...]

Steal her style… Katy Perry

  Its been a bloody good year for Katy Perry, from kissing girls to kissing Russell Brand, a sell out tour, the launch of a perfume, a new album and a whole bunch of hit singles, the list goes on and on. And as if this wasn’t enough for 2010, the stylish singer has managed [...]

High Street Changing Rooms: Topshop

Knitted clothes are everywhere, knitted  maxis, knitted jumpers, knitted cardigans, knitted tights, knitted bags… the list is endless. Some items have that altogether super cosy look and this £60 ‘Knitted Navaho Cardigan’ is the perfect example.  So thick, so warm, so snug, so… gotta have it.  I just love the peach/terracotta colour combined with the [...]

Virtual Changing Room

I have spent four very intense weeks browsing online in search of the prefect Christmas party dress, it’s important to me to ensure I have an outfit that is a break from the norm having been a slave to the LBD for so many years. Due to work and family needs I don’t have an [...]

Express Yourself

“My role is to seduce”, said Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillen (John Galliano of Christian Dior) His designs are a symbol of theatre, expression and femininity, representing the move away from the traditional forms of prêt-a-porter towards haute couture. To begin the paragraph with his quote is a reminder of how fashion itself is a [...]

January Sales Shopping Tips

Just when you thought you had recovered from the madness of Christmas, it’s time to brace yourselves for the January sales. Every year we push our way through the crowds, and trawl endless rails of unorganised garments, only to come home with inevitably, things we don’t need! So here are some handy tips to get [...]

She said it with Chanel

An uncontrollable anger filled her, seeing everything in a blur, tears began boiling in her eyes, threatening to spill over and roll down her cheeks. Racing through the crowd, she pushed herself out through the exit and ran until she turned the corner, facing the hard brick wall. She allowed herself to sob… The worst [...]

Velvet Luxe

The unlikely star of this winter’s show has undoubtedly got to be velvet. When it was announced to be one of the big trends for winter 2010 women across the nation screwed their faces up in distaste, and the fashion savvy were struck down with fear and despair. In a pleasant turn of events, however, [...]

Fashion Faux Pas Forgiven

This year has been full of many not so good trends, even ones from the early 90s that resist deletion have made an appearance, but seeing as the year is so close to ending, I guess it is about time we address these and forgive ourselves…ready for 2011, and probably even worse fashion blunders. 1) [...]

The New Who’s Who

I have been an avid collector of British Vogue for 12 years now, never missed a single copy. My most prised possession in life is my 1982 November edition which is my birth related copy; it is framed and sits on my bedside table with the pride and devotion it deserves. I also have a [...]

The Jeans I’ll Keep Forever

I like to think that everyone has one item in their wardrobe that they refuse to throw out. Think about it. It could be a soft and cuddly jumper that went out of style almost a decade ago, but it’s warm enough to make an appearance every winter. A t-shirt that has faded so far [...]

Cosy Knitwear

It’s that time of year again, it’s freezing outside and layers are a must have when hitting the high street for those Christmas shopping sprees.   The cold weather doesn’t need to be fashion’s worst enemy with the big jumper and cardigan now becoming more stylish than ever. There are hundreds to choose from, whether [...]

Top Ten Best Dressed Celebrity Men 2010

After seeing the list for Vogue, I have to sadly admit, I was quite dismayed. Although I agreed with some of the names, I found myself poking an angry index finger at my laptop screen, thinking to myself ‘how?’. Glamour also had the usual choices, which every year does not come as a surprise. In [...]

Amazing Shoes

I eye up the height, the colour, how it will feel…I am talking about shoes! Yes, I am shoe crazy, I think and dream about them constantly, it’s an infatuation my doctor said. On a recent shopping trip I must have spent three hours straight in Topshop’s shoe section, taking in all the heights, colours [...]

Fashion You Will Either Love Or Hate

If I said the words “Ugg boots” would you either look at me in disgust or show me your latest pair? I personally hate them but a lot of people love them. I can’t see why. When I look at them I just see an unflattering pair of slippers that make even the most well dressed [...]

Finding The Perfect Winter Coat

We’re definitely into winter now so if you haven’t already got one you’ll be in need of that perfect winter coat. The best coats are warm, stylish and co-ordinate with everything else in your wardrobe. You might think it’s as simple as going into a shop seeing a pretty coat and buying it but there’s [...]

Winter Warmers

The calendars may tell us that winter starts in December, but many of us Brits have been battling the snow and ice much earlier this year. And if we’re to believe the cartoon flakes falling on every weather report, this ‘big freeze’ won’t be gone in a hurry. As disruptive as it is, I do [...]

Make-Up Minimalism for Autumn/Winter 2010/11

Autumn/Winter 2010 has brought minimalism to the forefront of fashion, not only in attire but also in make-up.  For many designers, the look is one of naturalness with a chosen statement feature whereby the focus is either on the eyes or the lips whilst the rest is kept simple and nude. The models on the [...]