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Spring/Summer 2011 Future Trends

It may be winter, but all you fashionistas out there will probably want to know what you’ll be wearing in spring and summer. I do anyway!  Expect to see previous trends from S/S ’10 and A/W ’10 and some new ones. White will still be in fashion after its big success this season. It looks [...]

Party Dresses For The Party Season

In the run up to Christmas, we look at the huge choice of party dresses available in the shops and pick the 8 we love.

Party Clutch Bags For The Festive Season

With the party season upon us, one item on your list is bound to be a pretty bag to accessorise your outfit with.  You could buy something fairly plain and yet look a million dollars with the right bag and shoes.  Clutch bags, in particular, always add a hint of chic We’ve hand picked some [...]

High Street Changing Rooms: Republic

Republic.  The place of current high street fashion at good prices.  Annoyingly when I walked into the changing rooms I was taken by the sales assistant to the first of many, right by the entrance.  With a dirty mirror, curtains that didn’t seem quite so secure and with a four inch gap at the bottom [...]

Pretty Platforms

Although kitten heels are very popular during Autumn/Winter 2010-11, beautiful platform shoes and sandals are everywhere. Here are a few delicous ones we have found.

Fluro Is The New Millennium

The fact that fluro is returning to the fashion scene, means its time to add some nostalgic (yet bold) colours to your style?  Time to go to the future from the past… or back to the future. Either way – Fluro fashion is back and I cant see it disappearing anytime soon! I am guessing [...]

The Generation Of Supermodels

Remember the days when super models ruled the world, remember when Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford were seen everywhere and remember when there were an elite list of gorgeous supermodels from around the world who ruled the nineties. Yes they emphasised the notion of how beautiful women ruled the world. Known as the original supermodels, [...]

Leopard Print Madness

Leopard prints are everywhere.  Whether you want to go all out with a loud jacket or merely add a splash, you won’t struggle to find something to suit.  Here are a few of our favourite picks to paint your wardrobe wild with… Leopard Print Peggy Side Bow Court -£54.99, Schuh. Leopard Print Fur Jacket – £60.00, [...]

GHD – Have a Good Hair Day Every Day

Like most owners, I could not live without my GHD stylers.  When they were first introduced to the market place one of my best friends, Mel, introduced my hair to this fabulous new technology. One fine summer’s day, immediately after a girly session in which Mel demonstrated their power, we headed outside to enjoy the [...]

Fur Fabulous

Fur is everywhere.  So much so that nearly everything has a fur version.  Fur mittens, fur slippers, fur dresses, and fur jackets, to name a few.  Whilst stood in H&M trying to complete a birthday gift for my teen niece I smiled as I watched two giggling Chinese girls posing with fur gloves and fur [...]

Are Men Taking Over The Fashion World?

Emma posts about men in fashion, and the male takeover in the industry. Are there such things as ‘fashion men’?

Autumn/Winter’s Newest Trends

With autumn on our doorstep, a new season as usual means a wind of change in the design world. You are looking out for something fresh, opening another chapter in the fashion cycle.  What will mark your step into a new season this time?  See the answers from world leading fashion designers. We can see [...]

A Girls Favourite Friend – The Little Black Dress

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a movie every girl immediately recognizes. It’s a classic, an all-time favourite in culture and in fashion as it gave all of us one of the greatest things to ever grace the fashion world, the little black dress. Immortalised forever by icon Audrey Hepburn, the LBD has been used and recreated by [...]

High Street Changing Rooms: Zara

After a quick look in the smart and somewhat mature section of  the high street store Zara I swiftly headed for the downward escalator.  As I was already wearing trousers I’d bought from Zara about two weeks prior to my visit, I searched for a variety of tops to demonstrate the versatility of these bottoms. [...]

High Street Changing Rooms: Miss Selfridge

It was Friday the 15th October 2010, and whilst out and about on the streets of the big city I ventured into Miss Selfridge.  This particular branch is oddly small for its location, and as such, it’s not particularly representative of what Miss Selfridge has to offer.  This one item, however, stood out to me.  [...]

Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week Showdown

Chanel has always been the epitome of chic.  It’s no surprise then that the French label’s theatrical show at the Grand Palais during Paris Fashion Week was said to be the highlight of the event.  The Parisian label didn’t merely produce a catwalk show, it created a theatrical performance.  Putting aside Karl Lagerfeld directing an [...]

Plastic Surgery – Is It Worth It?

There was a time when all children dressed like children and all adults looked like, well, normal human beings.  That was of course before attractive adults took to cosmetic surgery in a bid to keep their youthful looks. The last time Sharon Osbourne graced British television she looked fabulous for her age, albeit with the [...]

Cute, Sexy and Sophisticated – Knitted Dresses This Season

Knitted dresses are plentiful and quite adorable this season.  There are that many styles and they’re such a cosy option that possibly every girl and woman will add one to her wardrobe during Autumn/Winter 2010-11.  Wear with boots, pumps or brogues, with a belt or without, tights, knee high socks, leggings… the opportunities for style [...]

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Catwalk Debut

News has it that Sarah Jessica Parker has decided to further contribute to the world of fashion, only now from behind the scenes rather than the silver screen.  Well about time!  If the likes of stylish Victoria Beckham can do it, so can SJP. For years now she has been setting the trends.  She has [...]

London Fashion Week – bring on Spring/Summer 2011

As the curtains came down on New York’s Fashion Week, our beloved capital duly opened its doors to London Fashion Week.  The much anticipated glimpse at Spring/Summer 2011 has been nothing less than a blast of sophistication. Paul Costelloe and his Tinkerbell inspired outfits opened the show with a look infused with more edginess than [...]