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The Forgotten Fashion Capital of Europe

Belgium: It’s better known for its rich chocolate, its authentic beer and its neutrality in world wars (the only thing anyone can still remember from GCSE history) than for its place on the podium of the world’s most iconic fashion havens. Hopefully I’m about to change all your perceptions on that small country next to France [...]

Comfy Winter Style Essentials

Ladies and gents, I think it’s time to get warm… Well, as we can all tell, we are smack bang in the middle of winter. The leaves have fallen from the trees; the air is colder and the days are shorter (and snowier). And every year, as we switch into seasons, so does fashion from [...]

It’s as Simple as Black and White

I have never been, and quite frankly never will be, a fan of sales; in fact I like to avoid them at all costs. January therefore is a waiting game for me as I eagerly anticipate new season clothes and accessories like a puppy drooling at a butcher’s window. So as sale items are slowly [...]

Parisian Style

Paris is my favourite city in the world; on offer are the finest of macaroons, pastries and wines in a setting so romantic it blows Disney movies out of the water. But other than the delectable food and pretty sights there’s one other thing I love about it- the seemingly effortless sense of style. To [...]


It’s hard enough in summer…but in winter, an unbearable torment for most of us out there. Finding a great fake tan at this time of year that a. suits your tired, pale skin, b. suits your (probably red) party dress c. doesn’t emphasis your dry skin and d. one that you can be bothered to [...]

How to be a Savvy Sale Shopper…

The sale season is well and truly here. It’s what we have been waiting for all year round. This is where we can get that gorgeous Zara coat; we’ve had our eye on for the past few months and for a fraction of the price. More importantly, since January is all about new starts, now [...]

Fashion vs. Politics

They are two domains which probably wouldn’t want to admit their proximity to one another; fashion and politics. But floating on the controversial cloud of speculation that is the prospect of Anna Wintour as the US ambassador to the UK is us smug, self-confessed campaigners of Fashion. Rumours are once again rife about Obama and [...]

A Cougar in Lamb’s Clothing

  So a few days ago I was just casually flicking through the newspaper when I came across an article which I found just downright bizarre. The headline was something along the lines of ‘Mothers begging to look like their little girls’. Eh? What? I’ll just read that again to make sure I’ve not gone stark raving [...]

The Fash-Pack embrace the Backpack

Yep, we resisted them for years but they’ve finally become cool again. A slight variation on the pink dinosaur design with inbuilt pen and bottle holder you last carried; this season’s luxury leather backpacks have taken last summer’s high street, ‘hip-homeless’ statement one opulent step further. Backpacks in 2012 aren’t a revelation, you may be [...]

What to Wear on Christmas Day

With the big day now under a week away, it’s one of the few days a year where its acceptable to stay in your new fairisle pyjamas and reindeer slippers while you eat your body weight, and everyone else’s, in festive treats. Or is it? My Christmas days are a casual affair, not quite as [...]

Party Dresses for Your Shape

In what seems to be the busiest week of the year, picking your party dress can become a stressful experience. And with all the peplum frills, lace and bodycon, choosing the right dress without getting distracted by trends can be daunting. And seeing as an increasing amount of us are cutting the crowds and the [...]

The Best Dressed Sports Person of the Year

If you were tuned into to BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year yesterday evening you’re likely to agree that last nights ceremony wasn’t just about personality. We’re used to seeing footballers arrive by coach at football grounds suited and booted before a match but this year we have been so engrossed in The London 2012 [...]

Spring 2013 Trend report

To those of us in the Southern hemisphere warm weather may seem like a distant dream. But fashion is ever looking ahead, and it’s never too early to be informing yourself about the looks that will influence Spring/Summer 2013, especially where key investment pieces are concerned. And so, without further ado, I bring you a [...]

Meggings! What the…?!

Meggings. “What are meggings?” I hear you ask. Well, I hope you’re sitting down, because what I’m about to tell you may come as something of a shock. Meggings, my dear ladies, are leggings for men. I’ll give you a minute to process that ground-shattering sentence. Meggings aren’t the first fashion fail for men. No man-trend [...]

Novelty Knits

You either love them or hate them but you have to admit Christmas wouldn’t be the same without novelty knits invading your personal space. In the early nineties a BHS Christmas jumper you were made to wear by your Mum was everything but cool. However over a period of time seasonal sweaters have managed to [...]

Ode to Primark

“Why are people queuing outside Primark?” I asked a friend during a Sunday shopping trip a few weeks ago. Is something happening? A new collection? Is the ultimate Christmas jumper being unveiled? No, they were just queuing. Tourists and locals alike. Taking pictures outside those renowned flagship doors.  The ‘bargain’ shop now internationally famous thanks [...]

Kate Middleton: What To Wear?

Just a few days have passed since the world’s loveliest couple Will’s and Kate announced the fantastic news that they’re expecting a baby but fashion gurus are already queuing up to give the Duchess advice on the unfamiliar territory of maternity clothing. Kate has become a style icon worldwide; she is known for her classic, [...]

The Jazz Age circa 2012

I’m a hat-happy kind of a girl. With the first hint of a chill, I’m digging out my cosiest, warmest beanies and fedoras. I don’t believe you have to be a “hat person” to partake either. Discovering that first perfect style that frames the face beautifully and adds a subtle elusiveness is the secret weapon [...]

To Infinity And Beyond

It’s time to go back to the future…but only if you’re looking for statement pieces rather than staple pieces! Popping up in high street stores is a new trend that you probably weren’t expecting this autumn/winter season. Topshop has gone mad for the Galactia trend with everything from cosmic printed midi skirts and co-ordinating blazers. [...]

Fashion vs Feeling good

If you feel body confident everyday I salute you! Like all of us there are parts of ourselves we dislike and want to change or improve, it’s only natural. I am a huge self critic like many people out there and spending money on fashion and beauty items makes me feel better about myself. I [...]