Parisian Style

Parisian StyleParis is my favourite city in the world; on offer are the finest of macaroons, pastries and wines in a setting so romantic it blows Disney movies out of the water. But other than the delectable food and pretty sights there’s one other thing I love about it- the seemingly effortless sense of style. To capture this unique stylish chic look there are a few basic rules to follow that allow you to keep your individuality.

Rule 1: Invest in basics

Like a lot of ladies I tend to spend all of my money on an outfit for a special occasion. There’s nothing wrong with doing this but when your clothing budget is capped and it comes to needing a new pair of jeans and some basis tees I’ll end up buying the cheaper ones rather than the pair of jeans that I actually want. It’s good to remember just how many times you’ll be wearing those indigo jeans and that stripey tee in comparison to your party outfit.

Rule 2: Beauty must be effortless

It’s important not look like you’ve spent hours putting on your make-up and doing your hair before you left the house. In terms of make-up it’s good to wear a small amount of foundation, not layers and layers of it! Try adding a natural blusher to your cheeks, a tiny touch of mascara/eyeliner and keep your lips simple with a coating of lip balm. A subtle perfume goes a long way in your favour too. Simple, uncomplicated haircuts should be styled naturally. If your hair is naturally straight leave it to hang so and likewise if your hair has a natural wave leave it too. Twisting the sides of your hair and pulling to the back, clipping with some hairgrips is a easy way to create a different look.

Rule 3: Don’t save your best for Sunday’s only

It’s good to make an effort right? Sometimes I wish leggings had never been invented- I’m becoming a serial leggings wearer purely because its just too easy to throw them on with an oversized jumper! As a mid-January new year’s resolution I’m going to remind myself of this rule every morning.  Personally I find that I have so many clothes I forget what I have in my wardrobe because everything is packed so tightly it’s difficult to pull anything out without creating the jenga effect. Follow me in going thoroughly through your wardrobe, pulling anything out you really will never wear and pop them all on eBay at the weekend to raise some cash for SS13 garments that aren’t just for Sundays.

Rule 4: Keep your accessories simple

My last piece of advice is to keep your look polished with no more than two accessories. Earrings and a scarf, sunglasses and a scarf, bracelet and earrings, necklace and head scarf- anything goes. Never underestimate the importance that lies within your choice of accessories.