Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirt - £45.00, ASOSYou may have noticed that pencil skirts have hurtled back on to the fashion radar. This time not only confined to the ‘work wardrobe,’ pencil skirts are being heralded as a key item for various circumstances and occasions. In general, this revival has been well received:  in the wake of Mad Men mania, this style is a key way to incorporate the sought after classic look into our lives. Indeed, the pencil skirt seems to add a certain drama to an outfit that the mini skirt can’t quite achieve.  The downsides, however, are that many shy away from the pencil skirt for fear of looking old-fashioned, out of place, or put simply, older.


Fear not. In the constant quest for figure flattering fashion, pencil skirts are a God send. Their form hugging yet concealing and contouring shape make them ideal for women of all sizes. The wide range on offer this year mean there is a style out there for everyone- no matter how unsure one is.


For those looking to add a sexy edge to the pencil skirt, the ones collaborating with the leather trend are perfect. One variety that is readily available is the leather waistband pencil skirt – available in a range of colours and in a number of shops. The leather trim adds a subtle cool whilst keeping the item versatile for both day and night. To amp it up a level, leather or wet look pencil skirts are suitably daring.


Pencil skirt - £40.00, ASOSThere are also a number of fresh daytime approaches. These are particularly exciting for those who are already used to wearing pencil skirts, or want to incorporate the trend in a casual and original way. One way to go is a camel leather tone, which is perfect for never-date chic. Additionally, jersey and knitted styles give a casual air to the stereotypically formal item. Useful for someone looking for innovative shopping or weekend outfits with a twist.


For the fashion forward, coloured lace pencil skirts hit various fashion trends in one trophy piece. The neon versions from ASOS stand out in particular as cutting edge styles. Additionally, fishtail hems, peplum skirt and mesh overlays update the pencil skirt for today’s creative and stand-out fashion pack.


Overall, it appears that 2011 is changing the way we think about the pencil skirt. It has been recreated in a plethora of different fabrics, cuts and prints. There must be an option out there for everyone and certainly the opportunity to be just slightly more creative with the way we dress. Who knows – this party season, the pencil might just be the new mini.


By Jessica Bowman