Pretty Pastel Pumps

Ballerina pumps are incredibly comfortable for the most part.  Whilst some of the prettiest ones can be so inviting you do need to watch where you step lest you pierce the pump’s sole on a piece of broken glass.  That piece of depressing news aside, pumps come in a vast array of colours and styles and they can be relatively cheap to purchase which makes them an easy addition to your wardrobe.


To satisfy your need for white or pastels during SS12, grab some comfy pumps to jazz up your feet.  There is nothing nicer than a colourful shoe, particularly when the rest of your outfit is made up of dull colours.  Legs with plain skinny blue jeans or skinny black trousers, for example, can be instantly “glammed up” with a beautiful pump.


Pumps look great on short people and tall people alike, as they do on slim or larger women, so don’t be afraid of wearing them.  They’re a clever choice for clubbing, shopping, travelling… pretty much anything – if you dare to be without heels.


Here are a few simple beauties to wet your appetite with (click images to enlarge)



  1. Rebecca says:

    To be completely honest, it hurts me a little that pastels are the “thing” this season. However, adding a nice purple or yellow flat to a casual outfit might just be the way to embrace this color pallete. Thanks for the suggestion!


  2. LoveSceneMag says:

    Thank you for visiting, Rebecca. It’s painful that anything should be “in fashion” rather than people just wearing that which takes their fancy. However, the advantage is that you can bag some beauties whilst they’re available.