Primark To Set Up Shop In Selfridges

Primark storePrimark, or ‘Pri-marni’ as known by most is set to open up a 1,000 sq ft concession in two Selfridge stores in both Manchester and Birmingham. The idea – to attract bargain-hunting shoppers to Selfridges, the high end department store.


The deal will see Primark selling a collection of clothing in Selfridge stores in the Bullring, Birmingham on Monday, followed by the opening of the collection in the Manchester store in the Trafford Centre in mid November.


Though at first they will only be selling a small selection of menswear, they are set to sell all kinds of menswear, from clothing, footwear and accessories. The two stores will feature edited versions of the Primark menswear collection, however the prices are said to remain the same, with prices starting at £2.50 for basic t-shirts & suits starting at £40.00.


It’s yet unknown whether they will expand the range and sell womenswear alongside menswear in the future, but it’s highly likely given the wide market and popularity womens clothing offers.


In addition, it is believed that roughly 10% of the Primark stock will be exclusively available at Selfridges.


The big question is, will the plan work? Will this move attract more bargain hunting customers to Selfridge stores and if so, will these customers only be interested in the cheaper clothing offered by Primark or will they also be interested in Selfridges’ clothing?


Personally, I think there is a possibility that this will attract more customers to the range of products on offer in Selfridges, but most of the time, customers looking for bargains are only going to purchase from Primark, whether it be the collection in Selfridges or Primark stores themselves. The fact that they are starting with menswear also suggests this scheme might fail, given that the menswear market is significantly smaller than the womenswear & unless it’s for convenience, 99.9% of the time I presume customers are going to go to Primark directly for their bargains as this is where they can view the full range, all collections and all under one roof.


But what do all you bargain hunters think?


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