Print This

MOTO Navy Kitsch Skinny Jeans - £40.00, TopshopThe weather may be dull and depressing, and summer just a mere memory of hurriedly eating an ice-cream before the shy and retiring sunshine disappears behind a cloud, but there is a way to achieve an instant perk up and brighten the day, reminding ourselves that it really is July. The article in question my friends, is printed jeans.


There is an element of eliminating fear with this trend; similar to that of building up the courage to rip off that wax strip, or the first day of leaving the house when wearing a new hat, however, as we know with both of these things, once the initial feeling subsides, the confidence oozes. There are so many printed jeans splashed around the high street right now that it is impossible not to find a pair to love, whatever your size or personal style. For the very brave, try out floral, fruit or tropical prints and that dream of a Caribbean island will follow you whilst also providing an excellent excuse for sneaking a cheeky cocktail into your day! A more subtle way to try out this quirky trend is polka dot or a print in a darker colour. Add to this a pair of wedges or sandals and you are good to go. Printed jeans should also not be avoided by the self-conscious. Horizontally striped jeans are exceptionally flattering and there is also the option to choose a pair of jeans with a very subtle print.


When it comes to what to wear to accompany these exciting jeans, keeping it simple ensures no clashing and propels your jeans in the limelight. However, if you are brave enough to add prints to print then go for it. After all, fashion is all about being daring!