Questioning Fur

Dennis Basso - Runway - Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekWitnessing anti-fur protestors on King Street (Manchester) recently made me think more about the ethics of wearing real fur, and whether or not it was okay to see celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Keira Knightley or Kate Moss parade around in dead animals.


For me personally, fake fur has always been the right answer, if fur is ever going to be in use. Why should animals have to be slaughtered for fashion because designers want to produce a coat, a gilet or a pair of boots?


Yet fur itself is higher in demand than ever before, take for instance Frank Zilberkweit. A fifth generation fur trader, whose store is situated on New Bond Street in London. He sells a sable coat at £34,000, and girls from Tatler and Vogue are among his regular clients.


We are on the brink of the worst economic downfall recorded, yet sales for fur, which are priced in the hundreds and thousands, are still on the rise! Fur has recently been the biggest trend on the autumn/winter catwalks and more people are being swayed away from the fake and towards the real.


As a lover of animals, I could never imagine walking a dog or stroking my cat whilst wearing a gilet made of rabbits or a foxes tail swinging from my bag! Animals have been caged and killed by means of gas, electrocution or have had their necks broken so designers such as Gucci can produce feathery long-haired goat coats, so Prada can create Downtown Abbey style fox stoles and Burberry can present their dark minks.

Burberry Prorsum AW11 fur


Few designers seem less bothered about the ethics of real fur, with the minor exceptions. Stella McCartney remains one of the few who refuses to use fur in her collections, with Lady Gaga one of the more notified celebrities who hates fur and wearing it!


It seems that money is the more powerful tool than the advertising campaigns of PETA. And by popularising the use of real fur in big name designers and celebrities, it seems that the use of real fur is unfortunately going to be around for quite a while yet. Although Selfridges refuse to stock real fur, probably because of the fear of an uprising, other stores are still stocking the products.


It seems we are all guilty of not knowing what we are wearing or how our coat, gloves and boots came to be. Ugg boots are actually made from the pelt of a yearling sheep, shorn just before it has been slaughtered!


I have never liked Ugg boots, as they have to be the most unflattering of boots and learning now of how they are made, I really do not like them!


It seems that wearing real fur is more for fashion now than a means of survival, as it use to be in the beginning. Natives use to kill buffalo, etc, to keep warm but as our society has moved forward it seems we now wear fur because of our inner vanity and lust.


We seem to have turned into a nation of greed, where we take from nature and its resources without thinking about the consequences. In years to come we may be only able to see what a fox or rabbit looks like from a book, due to their extinction!


I just hope there are more like me who believe that real fur is an unnecessary item that has been modified to gain our expenses.


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