Rihanna’s New Do

rihanna's red hairBarbados babe Rihanna is one of many celebrities that love to regularly  shake up their image and by this, of course, I mean their hair. From luscious long flowing locks, to short, spiky and wild looking hair, Rhi’s done  it all. We thought she couldn’t top the daring black ‘rock chick’ look until she  revealed her brand new fiery red hair back in 2010. These days Rhi has gone  back to her more girly ways so to speak, rocking the permed look in her  latest videos for hit singles Only Girl (In The World) and What’s  My  Name? Ft. Drake.

Always one to keep a fresh look, Rihanna  shows off her latest do as she  arrives at a basketball game in Los  Angeles. Rihanna appeared at the game  with super sleek, straight and stylish new locks, still keeping the red hair  (although now it looks like with hints of darker tones) Rihanna now sports a  block fringe.


The super star combined her gorgeous new hair with an equally gorgeous  outfit combing of skinny jeans and an on trend skinny belt, an American flag  baggy T and camel coloured  shoes and aviator jacket.



Now, not one for jealousy and all, but I  have to say I felt a tinge of jealousy when looking at these latest photographs of the singer, she really does look super hot! Let’s hope she sticks to this style, if only for a few weeks!

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