Rise of the Urban Dandy

urban dandyMeandering through Covent Garden, avoiding the charity sign ups and general tourists, I spotted a new and quite welcome sight. Casual yet immaculately put together, the new Urban Dandy is less Oscar Wilde and more along the lines of Matt Smith meets Brad Goreski. Two things are key to this trend: looking as if you haven’t actually tried that hard and a quirk which makes you stand out from everyone else.


He was in his mid twenties with a perfectly cut suit jacket in a subtle tweed, combined with a pristine navy bow tie (never an actual tie!) and slim cut trousers leading to immaculately polished dark complimentary brogues. Soon after came an older man, probably mid forties. Equally as well presented, his twist was a shock of bright pink hair in direct contrast to the neat line of his suit and its accompanying obligatory bow tie. On the border of Soho and Leicester Square, where tourists queue up for the parade of artists near the building site in front of the Odeon, the look appears to be less polished dandy and more Desperate Dan. Socks and sandals is the ultimate style crime? Crocs and socks, as I was unfortunate enough to witness, has got to be even worse. It may rhyme but it’s definitely not clever.


Moving on swiftly, while averting my eyes, I spotted a lone style figure. Further away from the bright lights of Soho, this version of the trend had opted for a more casual take. The jacket was replaced by a perfectly cut shirt with a subtle vertical stripe. Accompanied by a slim fit tank in a complimentary shade along with a skinny tie borrowed from the indie trend of a few seasons back and his across the body bag (hopefully Prada and not Primark) this was almost city boy does fashion. Thankfully he stopped short of the full Apprentice look. Stuart Baggs is unlikely to be anyone’s idea of a style icon, or at least that’s my hope. Urban Dandy is a look I would definitely look forward to seeing more of in the future, hopefully to replace that which I can only call “dressed in the dark”. As Baggs was told by Sir Alan Sugar, that’s one look that should be told it’s now fired.

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