Road Test: H&M 2011 Spring Collection Statement Harem Pants

Harem PantsI was settled in bed with a nice cup of tea casually ignoring the advertisements on 4od before Come Dine With Me when a glimpse of a model wearing spectacular leopard print harems caught my eye. I bounced up and down with excitement as I saw that they were from H&M. A little internet peruse educated me that they were only ten pounds in store, or a very respectable £7.99 online.


The very next day in my half hour break I forfeited my usual relaxed sandwich and paper and power walked to the nearest H&M to see if they were as good in the flesh as they were on TV.


I was mildly disappointed, because the fabric does look a lot more luxurious in the advertisements, but it is quite a good quality cotton blend, and they are quite soft in a cool way, which I imagine will be perfect for summer.


I picked up a size ten, twelve and fourteen. My size varies so much from store to store, and sometimes I find it better to wear something a couple sizes bigger, because particularly with things like harem pants it’s always nice to have a little extra freedom. I opted for the forgiving and a little loose size twelve.


I must admit I pretty much missed the harem craze that happened a while ago. Plus I never did the gap year thing, so I never got the opportunity to come back with a tan, obligatory harem pants, and that over inflated feeling of self worth.


Stepping in to these babies changed all that though: the same comfort of pyjamas with all the social acceptance of trousers! I am now an official advocate of the harem as a permanent wardrobe staple!


First I teamed them with a black leather biker jacket (kind of like the ad yes I know), a see through black chiffon shirt and red lipstick; which was perfect for the pub. Next, I wore them for some casual shopping, with the same leather jacket, but a pashmina, a sweater and ankle boots. The ankle boots worked, but I feel they look better with ballet pumps, and when summer comes they will be perfect with gladiator sandals. I found them so comfortable and wearable, that I’ve been on and off wearing them around the house too!


All in all: a good investment. Ten pounds for these is a bargain, especially as they are adaptable to most occasions! Furthermore when this particular style of harem goes hideously out of fashion they will make fabulous pyjamas!