She said it with Chanel

An uncontrollable anger filled her, seeing everything in a blur, tears began boiling in her eyes, threatening to spill over and roll down her cheeks.
Racing through the crowd, she pushed herself out through the exit and ran until she turned the corner, facing the hard brick wall.
She allowed herself to sob…
The worst week in history! And just now her best friend had shunned her in front of everyone and sat in VIP with her arch enemy, Chelsea Donohue.
Taking a breath, she turned back on the main street, waiting for a black cab to rescue her from the night’s tragedy, and take her home, where her pjs and loyal teddy would be waiting for her on her bed.

The next few days, she starred at her phone, half expecting a string of apology texts and bb alerts from her once loyal friend, Melinda. There was nothing. Nervously biting the end of her pen, she starred at her laptop screen, ignoring the files that were piling up on her desk.

“Wow, you look fed up”, Jules said passing her a cup of coffee, she perched on the edge of the desk…
“I have had the week from hell! I told you about Jeremy, well, Melinda last night was with Chelsea, totally ignored me in front of everyone, I’m baffled!”
Jules raised her perfectly arched brow, “well, she is what I’d call shallow and flaky, and anyways, who is Chelsea, no one!”
She smiled, first time in ages…
“Why don’t you get off early, go shopping, do something. Are you really going to punish yourself, sitting at a desk doing nothing?” Jules swayed away, in those amazing Jimmy Choos.
She quickly gathered her stuff, shoved them in her bag she got from a flea market, somewhere in London, and marched out of the office.

Chelsea was stood by the bar talking to a group of men, she felt sick, knees all wobbly, Jules stood next to her, “Ignore, the best thing you can do, didn’t even think she’d be in here”.
She nodded, “Yeah, no, you’re right, there’s nothing really to say anyway”.
A tap came on her shoulder, she turned around…
“Hiiii”, smiled Melinda.
“Melinda, err…”,
Melinda grinned, tossing those fiery red locks, “I have been amaz…”, she paused, words trapped in her mouth.  She was staring at the Python Timeless Clutch, in honeysuckle pink, one of the signature clutches by Chanel, She smiled to herself, “nice, isn’t it? I bought it the other day after work”, she turned to Jules, “we best go, don’t want to be late for our table”.

Yes, people will let you down in life but what she can always rely on is her Chanel, and indeed, that Python clutch to strike back.

With that she turned on her heels, leaving the bar with a smile on her face..