Sport Luxe

Sport Luxe - Spring-Summer 2011If, like me, the thought of sportswear leaves you shuddering at flashbacks of old P.E. classes and the hideous shorts and jumper combo, then you’re probably planning on avoiding this seasons “sport luxe” trend. Sport and fashion?  Those two words are meant to be kept a long track run away from each other, right?


Well, with as many doubtful thoughts in my mind as I had plagiarised sick notes back then, I took a look into the world of sports inspired fashion, finding myself pleasantly surprised with what’s on offer.


Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection has put sportswear back on the fashion radar and with it being such an easy look to pull off, it looks set to bombard wardrobes across the country this season.


The best things about this trend have to be the effortless glamour and comfort factor, it’s the next step up from wearing a hoody and sweat pants but you are earning style points along the way. The key to this trend is keeping things relaxed and simple. Pair a loose fitted t shirt or a racer vest with a pair of jersey trousers, add a casual bun in your hair and subtle jewellery for a simple yet pretty look.


The must have shoes to accompany this look succeed in their mission to glam up the trainer. Mixing boots with converse, who’d have thought it? Well, whoever it was, it was a bloody good idea! The boots come in all kinds of colours and styles, perfect for matching to any outfit.


My favourite fashion piece of this trend has to be the sports jacket. I LOVE the sports jacket. Sure, it has its involvement in the sporting world, but for me it gives an American 50’s vibe which is a million miles away from the tracksuit thing I was expecting to find.


I have to admit with all the different interpretations of this trend, sports day has never looked so good!