Spring Clean Your Style

Dress With Printed Ants - £54.90, Massimo DuttiAs usual our eccentric English weather has surprised us with an unexpected dose of early spring weather. So if you’re clambering through your wardrobe searching for something that isn’t a) black, or b) of the chunky knit variety, or you’re hiking up the high street in search of something that little bit more inspiring – here are some ideas that may help.



Whether it’s a prominent feature on the catwalks or not, the timeless Breton tee is the ultimate in transitional pieces for this time of year. This season River Island has updated theirs with shoulders embellishments, while Massimo Dutti used zips to add interest to the classic piece.



Pattern is to fashion as exfoliating is to beauty. Nothing sheds your winter blues faster than an injection of print, so grab yourself some paisley pants and steer well clear of the black hole that is your winter wardrobe.



Pastels were big news when the fashion shows started and old news by the time they were finished. But just because they didn’t translate as well as they could have doesn’t mean we Satin Trousers - £35.99, Zaracan’t indulge ourselves still. These ice-cream shades lead fickle lives, but just like our weather we should learn to appreciate them while they last. Don’t just accessorise with these candy colours, use them in full force. Go head to toe in pastel, or use a bright accent to make the look less overpowering. Remember that long lost, twice removed third cousin that’s always drunk at the statutory summer barbecue? That’s what neon is to pastels. You don’t particularly look forward to meeting them again, but grudgingly confess to enjoying yourself afterwards.



Coloured denim has spread like an epidemic this season, so trade in your favourites for a wash you haven’t tried. The good news is they can be found everywhere from Matalan to 7 For All Mankind, and unless you’ve truly been hibernating all winter then you’ll already be well briefed on the wide variety of shades available. All you’re neutral basics and oversized tees will work here, so just pick a colour and jump straight in.



If mixing and matching prints leaves you overwhelmed, try dressing top to toe in one shade. Yep, the one way, one colour outfit that leaves you chic and polished without too much effort at all. The runways featured orange prominently with this one, but it can be done effectively with any colour (except black, grey, brown and navy) – remember these are warmer climes you’re dressing for, not a carol service.