Spring to Summer Wardrobe

ASOS Pleated Swing Mac - £65.00, ASOSIt’s the bane of our lives. The conversation that is statistically the most talked about topic amongst people in this country and one that causes us to be ridiculed by other, more fortunate sun-blessed countries. Of course, I am referring to the not so great, British weather.
Annoyances related to this include; the embarrassing moment when you have a fight with your inside out umbrella in front of a queue of stalled traffic and the planned and anticipated trip to the park which ends up being a day stuck inside, watching endless episodes of cooking shows. However, the worst weather related grievance definitely has to be, What Shall I Wear??!!


We are taunted by all our favourite high street shops teasing us with what we could be wearing if it was warm enough to get our legs out, and what accessories we could be teaming with our outfits in order to match our ice creams. Half of these summery delights are already in our wardrobes, peeking out with readiness from behind the warm and practical knitwear and jackets that we are still having to resort to. Every time the sun appears, we get excited and risk putting on that floaty dress, only to find three hours later, that the wind is blowing, exposing our underwear to all those around and that our nicely painted toes have gone numb from the cold.


Strappy Dress - £29.99, ZaraHowever, I say let’s not get too disheartened. Let’s show rainy, dreary May, that it shall not defeat us in our quest for fashion. It might still be necessary to put on a scarf every time we leave the house but we can still add some colour to what are otherwise some very grey days. A colourful or floral jacket can look just as good with jeans or tights, and if you are worried about warmth, add some layers. It’s all about clashing this season too, so bright tights can make an excellent alternative to black. A peep of pink or orange can add instant happiness to an outfit, and why not add a flower or a bow to your hair (providing it’s not too windy!) Don’t be afraid to wear that summery dress, just do it with boots and a thick cardy. Instead of saving our clothes; everything lined up on the clothes rail, waiting for that wonderful morning when we open our curtains to find spring sprung, I suggest a phasing in method, and I reckon, if we all join in, the sun will shine in no time.