SS12′s Flower Craze: Love It Or Hate It?

Louis Vuitton SS12I love fashion, and I relish the opportunity to wear what I please, whether it be skirt, dress, trousers, shorts (weather permitting of course).  There are so many ways to be yourself.  Sadly for men, they  don’t have such a vast array of clothing to express themselves. Then there’s cosmetics. Love them or loathe them, they are a fantastic tool for expressing who you are and how you feel in that moment.  Hair is a world of choice too. Short, midi, long, coloured, bleached, natural… One look around the tube on the morning commute reveals a dazzling array of options. But while I’m a fan of self-expression – and slightly in awe of the queen of expression, Lady GaGa, and her unique style and panache, there are a couple of recent trends which make me want to tear the page out of my magazine and stamp on it.


I love Jessie J. In so many ways. But what on earth was she thinking wearing that River Island floral suit? Absolute overkill. I was shocked to see the normally-stulish Florence Welch in a Moschino monstrosity that resembled my gran’s curtains circa 20 years ago. Less is more, but as I’m not loving the floral trend I say take it ALL off. Now. If the floral trend must be worked, at least do it in a way that doesn’t scream ‘I raided my mother’s charity shop bag 20 years ago, and kept it all just in case’. Please.  Time to recruit another stylist perhaps? Or keep it to one statement piece – a fabulous floral blazer with jeans and heels works.


Why do the 80s seem to keep making returns? It was bad enough being forced to wear that stuff first time round – but it could be blamed on mum back then. One star who always looks fabulous – and always has done by her childhood photos – is Adele. And Victoria Beckham – but that goes without saying really. Fashion is all about self-expression, but while I am not normally a fan of rules when it comes to dating, the rules of fashion must be obeyed – or you will look crap.


One trend I am currently working to the max is the pastel look – spring is finally here! And I’m dotty about spots and stripes too – but never together.