SS14 – Top Trends

2014patternIt is that time again - fashion show season. The big capitals of fashion; New York, London, Milan and Paris, are all being whipped up into a frenzy over their shows and the latest trends soon to hit the catwalk. The top trends will be seen across the four international shows to set us up for Spring/Summer 2014. And be prepared for bold, bright, daring designs!

Autumn/Winter 2013 has been all about bringing out the dark side of yourself. Heavy tartans (mostly in red or dark green), leather jackets and detailing, black lace, and metallic embellishments (spikes galore!) have all been must-haves, both in high fashion and on the high street. Do expect the vampish styles of the cold months to vanish, and fresh styles to appear, brightening the women of the world with summer.

Not all of the AW13 trends are leaving us; our love affair with leather is staying - skirts and jackets made of our new favourite material seem to be staying a staple. In fact, some designers seem to have bowed out of the traditional idea that summer means crisp whites, florals and dresses and have gone for a more wintery feel – making their collections completely trans-seasonal.

But never fear! The main summer trends are more suited to lazy days in the park and the Great British Heatwave that we come to expect every year when the media goes crazy. One thing that I really enjoy about the ss14 trends is that a lot of them are quite retro feel. The box cutter shorts of the 1920s are back. They bring to mind recently liberated women playing golf in pastel box cutters with shiny brogues, defying their menfolk. I think the linen box cutter trouser will be a winner this spring. Another retro feel item seen for SS14 is the ‘shirt dress’ or tea dress. This was popular last summer, but expect it to be twinned perfectly with the most up to the second prints and shades.

Favourite prints of the season include florals (of course, no summer would be complete without), the bold stripe, the check (another AW13 trend to be transferred over), zebra style stripes (I think a safari theme summer may be on the cards, especially with khaki being one of the chosen colours) and bold geometric prints. Expect a lot of khaki, bright reds, oranges, yellows and bold blues.

Make up, hair and nails are all understated. No brights, keep it natural, slicked back hair or wispy hippy styles are in – nothing too elaborate. You wouldn’t want to have too much going on, especially with the love affair many designers are having with big, loud jewellery and embellishments on their pieces.

‘Tribal’ and ethnic style jewellery is a bit hit this season. Expect to see over-sized necklaces and earrings, middle-eastern and African influenced designs, and plenty of bronze and bright beading. The spiked necklace is still in, but it will have a more summery twist. Cuffs are back, as are gigantic earrings with lots going on (I’m a sucker for big earrings).

All in all, it’s set to be a fun summer for fashion!