Stars and Stripes

Scrambling frantically at my keyboard in a desperate bid to win a pair of stars and stripes shorts (which is something I’ve been trying to get my hands on for weeks now by the way) I realised one thing, well two things actually…


The first being the realization that I was never going to get my hands on these shorts (they are like goldust… beautiful, beautiful goldust) and secondly, how amazingly resilient this trend actually is.


For years now I can recall seeing so many different clothing garments etched with the famous American stars and stripes, from tops, shorts, jeans, jumpers, you name it, it’s been done! A trend probably as old as I am and yet here I am still as obsessed as ever.


And it seems I’m not the only one, as celebrities from the likes of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Ciara and Rihanna have all sported the look, in fact probably all of Hollywood have at one point or another!


Whether it be a party, festival or casual wear even, it’s fair to say that stars and stripes are a great go to for that fun and edgy look, so here’s my current top favourite picks:


(A word to the wise, this trend is best worn laid back, think baggy t-shirts, distressed prints and frayed edges.)


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