Surviving The Sales

sales shoppingHands up anyone else who made the fatal error of deciding that this year you would attempt sales shopping after Christmas? It can’t just have been me thinking that, after a particularly zealous clearout left me with a wardrobe that could politely de decided as minimal or more accurately half empty.


So, off I went. Did everything right: bottle of water, strap bag (hands free is key), flat slip-on shoes and minimal layers. This is not shopping, it’s more like a military operation. Then I headed to my target: Westfield London. Hundreds of shops, I had to be able to find something here, didn’t I?


After battling through crowds who seemed quite content to just stand where they were, I made it to my first shop: H and M. Start with the basics, I thought. Having learnt in the past that underwear shopping on the high street is pretty much impossible at my size, I steered well clear of the bra section and headed for the sale area. And found……. Nothing! That is, unless I could suddenly grow a foot in height, shrink my top half or get size 6 feet into very small shoes. Yes I may have needed a lint roller (token gesture) but standing in that queue was as appealing as having to clear up the shop later on.


Giving up this one as a bad first experience I tried Next. When I worked there the sale was chaos, and after hearing stories of customers actually fighting over items from my former colleagues I beat hasty retreat once again. Topshop and River Island were much the same, only during a sale would you actually consider faux leather trousers with a neon stripe appealing (I hope). There were also bright orange and pink combinations, some patent thigh high boots (trust me that kind of thing wouldn’t even look good on Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman) and so much more.


It always confuses me when I venture into the sales because as a dedicated high street fan I never seem to have seen any of the pieces on sale in the stores. Do the retailers hold onto these items throughout the year, knowing that in the frenzy of sale time someone may buy them just because they’re half price? I hope so, because otherwise it means there may be some extremely strange things coming once sale madness is over. Still it wasn’t an entirely wasted day for me. I did manage to buy a Lush bath bomb…