Take a Walk in His Shoes… and Trousers, and Shirts and Hats

Boyfriend's clothesUpon beginning to write my first article for LoveScene, I had a sudden mental block. In an attempt to think about clothes, outfits or just anything fashion based, I found myself looking downwards at what I was wearing, only to realise the majority of it didn’t actually belong to me. Rather, both my shirt and cardigan were the attire of my fella. This, fortunately did get me thinking. I do have a slight perchant for the opposite sex’s clothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to don a tux to the next wedding I’m invited to, but there is something attractive about male clothes.


For instance, where would today’s modern scenester girl be without her male-adopted brogues, bow tie, bowler hat and boyfriend cardigan. So I’ve enlisted the help of my like-minded mate for investigating this idea. She is another one guilty of thieving from her boyfriend, so I set her a challenge. I sent her to her boyfriend’s wardrobe and told her to find herself a full outfit, which she would legitimately wear in public from only his clothes. As you can see the result was a grungey style outfit which is comfy-looking, casual and looses any masculinity on a feminine frame.


Perhaps wearing male clothing is a kind of feminist issue. While trousers are a staple of most modern women’s wardrobes, obviously this wasn’t always the case. The first instance of female trousers were the late Victorian bloomers, named after the women’s rights advocate Amelia Bloomer. So clearly trousers were initially seen as a kind of revolutionary symbol of rising female power. I remember first being allowed to wear trousers as part of my school uniform in year one of primary school and did honestly find it quite liberating. I mean, I could perform a handstand without needing a buddy to hold up my summer dress.


This works alongside modern ideas over androgyny. Some predictions are that in the latter half of this century, men and women’s clothing will be largely the same. So there’s a new argument future couples can look forward to, “You can’t wear that tie today, I told you I wanted to!” Looking at hottest new male model on the scene, Andrej Pejic, you could see there is a rising truth in this idea. His androgynous good-looks have caused him to be the most sought after model of the season.


On the flip side of this is the evermore controversial, men in women’s clothing. I don’t personally believe that a skirt or dress will ever be a gender neutral garment, even in the not so distant androgynous society.  Though just walking through Topman, one can see this gender-blending of clothes works both ways, as evidenced by the slim-fit tee, the skinny jean and the brightly coloured scarf.


Though perhaps this comes full circle, the feminisation of male clothes is why women are choosing to wear them. It’s just a shame the shoes don’t fit.