The Epic Fashion Blunders of Pop Stars

Rihanna fashion faux pasThere is a rather fickle sense of style in the fame arena these days. Although young, rich and famous, some pop stars seem to have their own ideas of what looks good. The likes of Cheryl Cole and Rihanna are two great examples and they’re temperamental choices of wardrobe reflect this. But do we give them a hard time for simply being themselves?

The Worst Dressed

Cheryl Cole has had her fair share of criticism for style, but she seems to be getting it right these days. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Rihanna are all unfortunate victims to fashion faux pas. They are featured by the press frequently, with their slant on what looks trendy. Take the epic moment, Rihanna stepped out in tiger print board shorts and baseball boots. That was probably not her best day. If, however, it’s her own individual style, should we give her a break? After all, it’s probably fair to accept, that sometimes pop stars like to be themselves and dress down too.

The Best Dressed

Some stars teeter on the edge of fabulous, whilst others absolutely nail it. Taylor Swift is one of those that continue to get it right every time, topping the best dressed list consistently. She is a media darling and certainly cannot do anything wrong. Having recently accepted an award for her music, in a charming white, bateau neck, embroidered, prom style dress, she is most certainly the queen of perfection, as is Cheryl Cole of late.

Tulisa does also feature in this category and the media have congratulated her when she has dazzled in public. Just a short while ago, she wowed television viewers with her bandage style dress. Clinging to her amazing physique, in flattering shades of yellow and grey, she bagged some good comments and her public adored it.

Whatever your opinions, it seems the fashion experts will always have something to say, if it doesn’t conform to their idea, of what is currently trending. Tulisa is soon to release her own clothing range and you can expect her individuality to seep in through her garments. We hope she adopts the girly grunge and are waiting with excitement to see just what her range has to offer. Watch out for this, you may find it surprising.

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  1. shocker_night says:

    OMG. Rihanna has zero fashion sense. Guess we’re lucky that she’s not judging a reality fashion show on TV. Oh… actually… wait……