The Fashion Equation: You do the math this season

balenciaga rings

Are you ever left flummoxed by the lingo unleashed with every new season collection? Whether it’s 5 inch heels, Kate Mid’s 25mm average curl diameter, geometric patterns or hexagonal clutch bags, we can’t ever avoid the maths even in our industry. 

1 Ear Cuff – They’ve attempted a revival for a few consecutive years, usually only meekly championed by the edgy Geldof- typesearcuff 3

 This time they’re coming in grand and luxurious proportions. If you’ve been intimidated in the past by the slightly unconventional and punk-quality of the ear cuff, this season designers from Rodarte to Jean-Paul Gaultier have thrust them into the limelight to become an accepted normality in the art of  accessorizing, and no one’s getting away. Coming in all shapes, sizes, colours and metals there is something to suit even the most conservative of jewellery-phobes. You ear-d it here first. Oh and remember, only 1 cuff; nobody wants to look like they’re being herded in for feeding time at the zoo.

 2 Inch Ankle Boot Height – This S/S ankle boots are a taller order than ever. We’re still talking ankle height, otherwise they’d have to undergo a name change and I’m not sure calf boots would go down too well with animal rights campaigners. What we are talking is a good 2 inches above the ankle bone, comprising dark colours and heavy materials to toughen up those feminine spring ensembles.

violin dress

The 24 Inch Waist – The teeny weeny waist is back. Possibly due to the great plethora of pre-war television shows in Britain as of late like Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge, and then again possibly not. Either way the process of tight lacing has been rife in British fashion heritage since the 16th century, with women wearing corsets up to 12 hours a day to reduce the size of their waist. But don’t fret, there’s no need for you to go to such lengths as Lagerfeld’s ‘Violin Dress’ does just that for you. Revived for the 2013 S/S collection, the original design was shown in 1983 and can be yours today for a small sum of £2,075. (Although I’m sure it won’t be long before the high street jumps on the string-bandwagon.)

90 Degree Angles - 2013 is all about straight lines, harsh shapes and dangerously sharp corners. rodarte geo shoesThe catwalks screamed geometricity for S/S, and if you’re still confused as to what entails geometry, it can be characterized as patterns of regular lines and shapes; think of a painting comprising an array of overlapping squares and triangles. The emphasis on the 90 degree angling of patterns, shoes, hemlines, and bags will emanate through most collections this season, whilst the typical undefined, whimsical fabrics get marginalised this spring. It’s about making an impact in every dimension of dressing for 2013. 

 An infinite number of rings - They say you can never have too much time, too many cats and too many rings on your hands. Well I may have imagined the latter proverb but it’s always worked for me. This season’s Balenciaga gold rings are right at the top of my S/S wishlist, and there is no limit to the acceptable  number you can wear.

vogue coat

 1 Metre Deep Pockets –  Depth is key in the world of pockets for 2013. So maybe they’re not a metre deep but give me some artistic licence here. A practical, functional statement design, deep pockets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also appeal to those women who can’t leave their house with just some money and a phone (I’m speaking from experience here). Pockets are great for the on-the-go career woman who doesn’t want to negotiate every zip of her Givenchy Pandora just to reapply a fresh coat of lippy. But beware, you don’t want to lose the effect; over-filling your pockets will catapult you down the wrong end of the farmer-chic spectrum.